Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dare Devils Vs. Super Kings

Absolutely Amazing Match!!!
Both the Kings are now being defeated by devils. It sounds strange but its true. Delhi Dare Devils have tamed Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab. But this last match was thriller. First of all it is AB's (De Villers) and Dilshan's batting and then superb bowling and fielding effort by Dare Devils. I couldnt watch the first innings, its very sad as I was in office but cheered AB from my workstation. I was watching score online. Great innings by a great player. Dilshan played equally important innings after Delhi lost 2 early wickets that too of star players.

I was able to watch the second innings and really it was great team effort. We got 2 out of 2. I wish these guys more success. Keep going Delhi. Good luck!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Delhi Dare Devils!!!

The IPL is back and I am so happy. I am a huge fan of Delhi Dare Devils, as I live in Delhi. Today I saw Dare Devils Vs. Kings XI Punjab on my 40 inches LCD. Tell you it is so fun and entertaining watching these IPL matches on big screens.

The Cheerleaders were amazing. I am more happy for Delhi Dare Devils as they won their first match. And wat to say about Sehwag he just blasted Kings XI bowlers all around the park. Hats off to him. I wish more success to Delhi Dare Devils. Do well guys!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interesting Article!!

I am reading an article by "Devita Saraf", CEO of Vu Technologies and Executive Director of Zenith computers. There is one paragraph which is -

"But here's my worry: Children in India and across Asia are burning out too soon due to their hectic schedules. And they are losing out their motivation to succeed in their careers because by the time they have completed college, they are looking forward to retirement. Notice how many people between 25 and 35 years old have a Facebook status commenting on their desperate need for a weekend or a vacation."

I think she is absolutely right and even I feel the same. Every weekend I feel like going somewhere and discuss this with friends. Students in India are given unnecessary pressure during their boards. Moreover, parents also take pressure on themselves which I think should not happen as the child will feel more burden. In this article she is comparing Indian Education with US Education system. Though she feels that education here in India is more competitive but it almost exhaust the beautiful life of a child.

What I feel, that there should be a proper balance of US and Indian Education system. Also there should be a hobby class compulsory in schools.

I think everybody should read this article. Here is the link to the full article-

Thursday, April 9, 2009

There are few songs!!!(updated pics)

I am in office right now. Today boss is on leave so I have all the time to write a post. Well my office is on 15th floor of a building, and I have a window seat (lucky eh??).

There are few songs which make you feel so good. Right now I am listening to "Dreams on fire" from Slumdog Millionnaire, and looking at the view from a window outside. The view is absolutely amazing. You can see the Aravali hills from my seat and a road which is going towards them. Traffic on the road is smooth and you can see busses and cars moving. Not many other buildings are nearby so there is lot of emply land and few houses.

Before going further, I want to tell you that I am adventure sports lover. Yes so coming back to the song, it just feels so good listening to it and looking at the view. I just wanted to go to those hills which can be seen and the song perfectly suits the mood. The road is just going towards it and never ending. It is just a dream of mine to go on this road and reach those beautiful mountains and climb them and see what is behind them. Surely I will gonna do this some day.

There are few pics as requested by my blogging friend of the view and the mountains. You can see at the far there are mountains and a road going towards it, which I was talking about. Also I have one pic of the parking.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Voter/Candidate eligibility

Just heard the news that Sanjay Dutt is not approved to stand in the elections because there are charges against him. I am not into politics at all nor I am interested in it. Also I am not a fan of Sanjay Dutt, but a thought came into my mind when I heard this.

People say that guys who have criminal cases against them should not be allowed to stand in elections. I inquired from someone that people who are in jails also vote during elections. I think that they should also not be allowed to vote for anybody because they have criminal cases against them. Also, why should people be allowed to vote who have done some kind of crime.

What do you guys think? Please comment!!