Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chatting Experiences

Hi all!!

I want to share some of my experiences that I had since 2002 while chatting on Yahoo Messenger. I have been chatting for long time as early as 2002 when it was quite a revolution. Cyber cafes were over crowded, we had to take waiting coupons to get inside and surf internet. People were just addicted and crazy about internet at that time.

Teacher and Student Bunking

One really funny incident that I remembered- I used to go to my computer class in the evening (5:30 to 7:30) at CMC. I decided to bunk that class and went to cyber cafe. What I find out there that my Sir was also bunking his class and he too was chatting there. We both laughed at each other. He was just 3-4 years elder to me so I can imagine him doing the same. From that day, we have become good friends.

Rs. 200 for recharge

There is one girl who is added in my friend list. She used to always ask me Rs. 200 to recharge her cellphone. I dont know why she always ask for 200, not 100, 300 but only 200. Whenever I find her online I tell her that to take Rs. 200 and she starts chatting and then ask for Rs. 200 recharge coupon code. She says that "I will give you my phone number just give me Rs. 200 recharge coupon code". Come on that is really crazy.

Webcam Chat

This one is bit naughty. It was I think 5-6 years ago. My dad bought me a webcam. I went to some foreign chat rooms and there is one girl who asked me to open my cam. I said ok but you first. She opened her cam and by God she was very beautiful. I opened my cam too. We were just chatting, then suddenly she asked me to remove my shirt, and said that she will do the same. I was just crazy about the idea, said Ok. I removed my shirt, and she did the same. She was wearing nothing inside. Man...that was beauty. It was not over yet. Then she asked me to remove my pants. Hey I was clever enough this time. I said now you first and she did that. God, it was a great day. Though I did not removed my pants and said her goobye.

There are many more but I always keep my post short. So I am ending here...


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