Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Alone

Have you guys ever lived alone in a big house? Well last two days of mine were like this. You know its a kind of mixed feeling. I was happy that there will be nobody in the house and I can do anything that I want, live my life my way but at the same time lots of responsibilities- Milk wallah (milk man), maid, water supply, watering the plants, etc.

After reaching home in the evening, it is all my den. First thing that I did was giving water to plants. It took some 30 minutes and I was tired. So I made myself rasna (cool refreshing mango drink) and felt relaxed. I opened my laptop and started checking office mails. After completing it, I checked my personal mails and chatted with few of my friends. Then I switched on the TV and watched seabiscuit, it was just ending so I saw that part. Then again switching between channels, I find nothing interesting, so turned it off. I dont know cooking at all, but only maggi, tea and sandwiches. So I thought, Maggi would be the good idea. I ate that and what to do now. In the beginning it was very exciting, but as the night kept on unfolding, it was getting boring and boring.

In the end there was nothing to do and I went to sleep.


Meher said...

Yours is less exciting than the movie :O

Varun said...

hahaha...yeah..those movies are too not that small na...