Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new search engine competing google

Few days back, I received a mail from one of my colleague about a new search engine which is going to hit the market in May. So I bookmarked its address. Today I checked it, and I found it very interesting. It searches not for pages but the result itself. In other words it does not show the pages like google does but it shows the actual result of that search. I know you guys must be curious about this website. Here is the link:

The one thing that I found very interesting is comparing two or more companies. It gives us some very useful information and I think it will help the portfolio managers and financial analysts who are interested in financial health of the companies. There are many other interesting features like search for a particular date and you will find all the details of that day. For eg. sunset time, sunrise time, etc. I think that is really some cool stuff.

Still there is time to beat google yet, but I think such innovations will really make google something to think about.

I think everybody should once check and explore this link.

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