Monday, June 1, 2009

Australians are aggressive?

I have seen now many instances when I found that Australians are very aggressive kind of people. Not all of them but I think the upcoming generation there is getting more and more aggressive. They are very proudy kind of people. Though everyone should be proud of his/her country but not at the cost of other people's lives.

There are news of Indians being attacked by Australians every now and then. Today only I have read the news that one cabby from Hyderabad has been assaulted in the incident in Melbourne. Where can we start with-Andrew Symonds? This guy is one hell of a irritating person I have ever seen in the cricket field. Not once, but twice. The famous Harbhajan brawl and then with Ishant Sharma. This guy got out (clean bowled) by Ishant and see his guts, he is abusing Ishant like anything. That was very funny, whole India laughed at Andrew Symonds. Ishant has done the right thing by showing him the way to pavillion. Well I should not mix politics with cricket but these things comes in mind when we hear such horrible news. So I thought of mentioning this incident.

So now coming back to recent attacks on Indians. Earlier, Austraila was one of the safest places on earth. The crime rate their was very low. The old people there, are very helpful and they are nature loving. But this generation, I think something went wrong. I would also mention here that when these people come to India, they experience the same. They get assaulted, raped, robbed, etc, etc.

There is one instance that I want to share here. I was at the Ahmednagar railway station (near Pune) to board the Jhelum Express sometime back. These two Australians (Guy and a Girl) were also there to board the same train. Time was around 8 in the night. They have their reservation in 3 tier compartment, and we have the reservation in AC 3 tier. They were going to Agra. At the same time, there was one rally going on in Delhi and lots of people were there at the station to board Jhelum Express without tickets to attend the rally. I was with my brother and cousin. We have started talking to these Australians. We told them that it will be tough for them to board the train after seeing this crowd. It was then decided that I will stay with them to help them board the train because they have very heavy luggage and then come to my compartment as the train's compartment was interconnected. The train arrived at the platform and then it was chaos all around. We ran towards their compartment, and saw at each compartment atleast 20-25 people were boarding the train. We were just waiting to let them board the train, but the rush was never ending. So I told them, that its time to go in. It was december cold and I was sweating like in the heat of June. At last we entered the bogey, but there was no place to sit. Their berths has already been occupied with hooligans, who are not ready to leave the seat. At last I requested them, that these are foreigners, what will they think of us if we do this to them. So they offerred two seats at top berth. These guys were just looking each other's face and mine. I told them that there is no need to worry. They are in great numbers so I told them not to argue with them. You are lucky that you have got this seat. I exchanged phone numbers and told them, that I will see if any berth is available at my compartment and then I will come to take them with me. But then I have to move to my compartment first. The train was fully packed and I cant move a inch.

At last train stopped at the outer of some station. I went down and ran towards my bogey. And finally I boarded the train again. Here there is a complete different atmosphere. There was no noise and my brother got worried about me. But even the AC compartment was full. I was very tired and not at all in a position to go their compartment again. In the morning, I told my cousin that these guys are really in very tough conditions. So again at one station me and my cousin went down and ran towards their compartment. We reached there compartment and found they were still sitting in the same position, without any food. There eyes look very tired. They told us that they couldnt sleep whole night. We told them to wait for the next station and then we will go to our compartment. Then came the next station, and we again ran towards their compartment. Their luggage was very heavy, so it was very difficult for us to run. But finally we reached. I offerred them top berths and something to eat. After eating they just slept. I told them that I will wake them when Agra will about to come. I think it was 5-6hours still left in Agra station.

I woke them up when Agra was near. They got their bags packed after a sound sleep. We wished them happy journey and clicked their photo. They told us that they are also coming to Delhi and then they will treat us. I said its ok. So we again met at New Delhi after 2 days and we had a good time.

Oh! this post was supposed to be all about attacks on Indians, see where it ended. But I still feel that these people are very nice. But dont know what is happening over there now.

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