Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I will survive.

Surviving difficult times

I think this year has not been so good for me in fact now I think it is going to be a disaster. Well there are many things which went wrong in my life this year. I really want to speak about them here, I want to throw them out from my mind, from my memory but I cant do that. They will follow me like anything and it will take long time to get things normal.

I cant tell how frustrated I am feeling. Its just for the sake of society that I am living two facet life. One to show others as if I am very happy and the other which only I know.

But I am sure, time will change. There will come a morning when I don't have to think about these problems anymore. I feel that someone will going to rescue me. Even if there is nobody I will survive this difficult time/year and I am sure I will succeed.


Meher said...

You will not just survive, you will thrive! I hope the rest of the year goes well for you. Best wishes!

Varun said...

thanks a lot meher..

Garima said...

I thought you to be a Gemini after reading this one but found it out to be a Pisces instead.
Anyway, hope things are better for you now.