Monday, August 31, 2009

Chandrayaan mission failed

Rs. 440 Crores project is now officially over. The money invested in this extraordinary spendthrift project was all wasted. Though I am not taking any side this time. But the feeling is more like that the money is wasted. They say that this mission was almost completed and 90-95% of data has already been sent by the Chandrayaan. But tell me what kind of R&D will be done based on the pictures sent by Chandrayaan. I hope somebody use the RTI Act and ask these scientists after few years that what conclusion they have made from the pictures. I am sure these pictures will be thrown in dustbins with some files and nobody to look after them.

India, which is still poverty stricken country using huge amount of money on such projects. Though one thing that is achieved from this project is that India has shown other countries that they are capable of sending space shuttles to moon. The space shuttle must be revolving around the lunar field

RIP Chandrayaan

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ashes-England Vs Australia

So finally England reclaimed the Ashes Urn on the fourth day of the fifth and final test held at Brit Oval. It was an amazing series with an amazing fifth test. I was on England side as for some time, I do not like Australian cricket team for their behavior. They sledge too much when not required. Also England team has played a good cricket by maintaining pressure on Australians throughout the match. Who says that test match has become boring now. I wish to see more test matches like these in the future.

Moreover, Australians are now 4th in the ICC team rankings. For the first time they lost the 1st position since the launch of this ranking system. Now I think there will be more competition among the top 8 teams. Also Champions trophy is coming up from 22nd September. Looking forward to it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shahrukh Khan detained at US airport

This guys is such an asshole that he can go down to any level to promote himself and his movie. Shahrukh Khan needs popularity and nothing else. He is such a hungry fellow. He was detained in US for some grilling, which I am sure is a publicity stunt because his upcoming movie "My name is Khan" is based on the same theme. Even if it is not a publicity stunt, what would he expect? He wants them to present him garland or what.

I don't know about the other countries but in India Shahrukh Khan is now treated as beggar. His movies are not going well, his team Knight Riders is pathetic. He is running into losses. Therefore, he needs events like these to promote himself.

People in India now hate him as much as they can. His popularity chart is going down. His movies are baseless. The more he comes in news more frustrated people become of his news. I think he should stop coming into films now.

Happy Independence Day India

I wish all the Indians a very Happy Independence Day. Always remember the sacrifice of our great heroes of past. I want to thank them for giving us this independence.