Saturday, November 7, 2009

I promise to write more!

I have not posted anything since last month on my blog though I took up writing on someone else's blog and wrote around 8-10 entries there. But nothing compare to writing on own blog and that satisfies me more. I am still writing there but think should devote more time here on my blog. Things have not changed much, its as usual - office and home. I have one interesting news but I will share it next month or so. Right now there are lot of tensions going on in my mind. So once I finish all the stuff and find the way of my life back into track, I will write about that news.

Last week I ran Airtel Great Delhi Run, and had a very wonderful time over there. I saw Shahrukh Khan and Rahul Bose live. Though I am not a fan of Shahrukh Khan but still took his pics. I admire Rahul Bose's acting and his movies are simply superb. I took pics of myself with cheer girls, police wallahs, etc. This was my second marathon. When I was in school, I took part in the marathon organized by Gillette. It was long time back. Here are some pics from the last week's marathon.