Monday, January 25, 2010

India Meteorological Department

When I was small, I always watched the weather forecast by Indian Meteorological Department on TV. However, the forecast was actually the opposite of the weather, the next day. They always predicted the wrong weather. I don't know why they even forecast the weather. The department should shut down its operations. The cost of running this department is huge and they never predict the correct weather. What's the use of such an entity who is not serving its goal. The two words that they use in almost all the forecasts is "Western Disturbances". As if, temperature and weather is effected only by Western Disturbances.

Few days ago, they predicted that it is going to be a dense fog in the morning of 24th, 25th and 26th. Two days have gone by and there is nothing like that - no fog at all. Weather is clear and lots of sunshine. This time they were proved wrong again.

During monsoons, they declare the date that monsoon will arrive on that date. During my entire life, I have never seen monsoon arriving on that day. It arrives always 15-20 days late. And then they use the words like Western Disturbances. Sick of em'.


Anonymous said...

What's a "western disturbance"?

Varun said...

Western Disturbances means Regional Western Disturbances (if there is any flood, cyclone or drought in Western Region of India). There are states in India which are affected by almost all kinds of natural disasters.