Thursday, July 1, 2010

Root causes of marriage/relationship failures

I found these causes from somewhere but these are not my findings and I do not endorse them at all. I just wanted to know what do you guys/girls think about it. I think these points are yielded by some males. What if boys do the same? Please read the findings then you will know:

1. Girls being over-ambitious,putting career ahead of husband.

2. Girls wear clothes that would attract unwanted attention all sorts of public on the street.All these they do under the cover of ""freedom and economic independence"". People objecting to it are branded as “mean” and “narrow-minded”.

3. Girls already in marriage/committed relationships talk to any guy on trains, buses, in office..roam around with any guy saying ""He is my pal !""......go to pubs with guys/colleagues and drink, smoke, clap together, laugh out loud shamelessly. And if the bf/hubby dislikes it, he is ""old fashioned, controlling, possessive"" and what not !! The poor guy thanks himself for not being branded as the ""worst possible human being"" !

4. The “male friends” then start touching the gal in the name of ""friendly hug"" or ""friendly touch"" or ""applying colours during Holi"". And today's loose-character gals just enjoy it in the name of friendship. Why can they not think that these things may be objectionable to their partners ?


Arshi Aggarwal said...

Point raised here is valid.. extreme of anything is bad.. it can be in any case male or female partner but any healthy relationship does give space to both the partners.

Anjuli said...

arrey everything is written against women!!!

Varun said...

@Arshi: I agree with u....but if your surroundings are like that, there should be a balance between maintaining decency and giving space to partner.

@Anjuli: Yes, it's against women but true to some extent, but same applies to men as well...

Danielle said...

mYou're kidding ... right? At least you have the decency to apply such noxious opinion to both sexes. Let's assume, just for a second, that there really is something wrong with flirtatious behaviour from either sex. If one abides by your code of decency, what do you suppose the advantage will be? A guarantee of a better marriage, perhaps?

And .. since the article focuses on the behaviour of women, let's question the supposed advantage to a woman who pays more attention to her boyfriend or husband instead of concentrating on her career. The whole point of gaining economic independence was to give women the choice to take care of herself instead of relying on husbands to take care of them, men who more often than not were abusive. They subjected women to control and conditions and got away with it because, in that era, women were completely dependent on husbands. Don't kid yourself. Human nature is no different now than it ever was. If we didn't have the same economic advantage (almost) and independence as men, male-dominated privilege and domestic control would never have changed.

Your blog post has the makings of a good argument to stay single.

Varun said...

Dear Danielle

Read the first paragraph of the post and you will understand it. These are not my thoughts. I just mentioned them.