Tuesday, November 30, 2010

US scared of wikileaks

One thing which is now confirmed is that US has always employed double standards against the countries for its own use. Till now I was very confident that America is now a changed nation. It doesn't mean only business and its there to build and help the society and other nations. But now after hearing what Hillary Clinton has said, it is very difficult to believe. She mocks India's UNSC (United Nations Security Council) bid and defined India as a “self-appointed front runner” for UNSC seat. Barack Obama, on his recent historical trip to India said that America supports India's bid for UNSC seat. This clearly states that America is using nations for his own use.

On other occasions, America is always yelling that they are against terrorism but giving monetary aids to nations who supports Jihad. What kind of policy is this Mr. Obama?

Now that Wikileaks has exposed this nation's diplomatic and national policies, they are scared of it and trying very hard to prosecute Wikileaks founders in any way.

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