Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why is Barack Obama in India

Many of us who are watching TV channels mainly seeing that Obama is with school kids, some charitable organizations, colleges, etc. He didn't come here to do charity or to dance with school kids. This he can do from America also. The main purpose behind him coming to India is to regain the lost confidence back in the US from Wall Street. Corporates there in US are not happy with Obama's policies. Obama is trying to bring back jobs in US, which he couldn't succeed so far and I am sure will not be able to succeed in future also. Wall Street knows setting their operations in India will help them in long term whereas Obama is just playing politics by promising to US people what he cannot do.

Obama is just here for his political games. He is hoping that corporates in India and Asia will support him. Whereas his actual policies are against these countries. That's why he has increased the Visa fees and limited the number of people applying Visa for US. This will not help him.

After recession people were hoping that he will bring the change, he always talk about the change but he cannot change the economic rules. He need to change his economic policies to support development and growth of countries.

And please stop giving importance.

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