Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year 2011

2011 is about to come and I hope it will bring lots of happiness in everybody's life. The year 2010 that has gone by or about to leave was great. There are lots of ups and very few down moments. This year brought too many changes in my life. I have become totally independent and have more serious responsibilities. Career wise its not been that good but thank God that I have survived recession. Many of us who have lost their jobs during this time period, I hope that they have got better jobs somewhere.

I have written 37 posts this year on my blog, 20 less than previous year. This means that I had less free time in 2010. I hope I get more time to write more posts in 2011. I also want to travel more in the coming year. In 2010, I went to only two places. One needs to get away from the daily routine to recharge the soul.

Wish you all the very very happy 2011. Hope you get everything what you desire.

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