Sunday, April 3, 2011

India- Cricket World Cup Champions

I waited waited and waited for almost 2 months to write my 100th blog post only to let Sachin complete his 100th century in Cricket but that is taking some time. And India winning the Cricket World Cup is more important which is even Sachin Tendulkar's dream. So ending that jinx, I have finally decided to write my 100th post.

Congratulations to Team India and all the people of India for winning this Cup which matters most. This is the thing which we all waiting for for the last 28 years. In 2003, we came so close but couldn't finish on the winning side. 2007 was forgettable. 2nd April 2011 was the day, the destiny for India and Mahendra Singh Dhoni to lift the cricket world cup after 28 years.

Whole team dedicated this Cricket World Cup to Sachin Tendulkar. Virat Kohli rightly said "Sachin has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years. It's only fair we carry him now". Thanks India Team for making my 100th post so special.


Kamlesh Sharma said...

yes... I am not sure if we are able to see any other Sachin in our life

Achal Kapoor said...

this is indeed the greatest achievement of Indian cricket, which we have all witnessed. This is one of the proudest moment for us which we will cherish for whole life

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Congrats about the 100th post! :)

Yay!! WE WON!!!!!!
:) :) :)

Varun said...

Thanks "Blue Periwinkle"