Friday, May 20, 2011

Difference between Indians and people from other countries

This is an interesting topic which I feel of discussing. People here in India are very different to people from Europe, Australia or USA. Here they depend more on others rather than believe in doing stuff themselves. For example, in India you can find lot of unorganized labor for any work (from painting the house to cleaning the toilets) whereas in other countries there are only professionals for this who charge lot of money and these people are organized professionals working for some firms who provide such services. They prefer DIY (Doing it yourself). In India people do not wish to do such things rather they will choose some labor to do it. Though this labor is cheap but they work on their own and do not listen to customers. There are no guidelines to perform the tasks and that is why it is difficult to manage them. The most important people in these categories are house maids, drivers, plumbers, electricians, etc. You cannot instruct them or they will leave. Then Indians are so lazy that they will find it difficult to do it themselves.

My parents just returned from Australia and they clearly noticed the difference. They were staying there at the locals' house. They told me that they are very independent and do most of their work themselves. Even in the relationships they are very different. From the childhood, children are taught to be independent and not to depend on others. Right from the beginning when they are 5-6 years, they were told to do things on their own. If they are crying, nobody would come to them to wipe the tears, instead they have to take care of themselves.

I have seen one article where it is written that lots of NRIs who have now returned to India find it difficult to manage these unorganized labor. Its an interesting read.


Anjuli Dhiman said...

Hmmm... I have to stay in the US for the rest of my life now (till I coax my husband to come back and settle down here) so yeah I know what is in store for me now :)

Varun said...

good luck Anjuli :)