Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dhoni Reversed Decision of Bell at Trent Bridge

Its a great sportsmanship showed by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian Cricket Team Captain at Trent Bridge on 31st July 2011 by reversing the Ian Bell's run out decision. I don't think there would have been any other captain in the world who would have done that.

When Harbhajan Singh was given out wrongly in the first innings against Stuart Broad which gave him hat trick, England did not reversed the decision. What happen to sportsmanship than? I think the way in which cricket is played these days, there is only one country who play it in proper manner i.e. India. Hats off to you MSD.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Indian Railways New Website

The new website for Indian Railways which is opened for public recently has been temporarily stopped. Now people will again have to go the old website where lot of tickets were booked by agents much to the inconvenience of the common people.

The previous website which is still running by IRCTC hacked daily at around 8 AM in the morning when lot of people try to book the tatkal tickets (as reported in the news). The new website was inaugurated by then Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee in a ceremony which was advertised in many newspapers. Now this service has been stopped without giving any reason. I have created the login on this new website but then again I have to use the old IRCTC website to book my tickets which does not have tickets available anytime.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Suresh Kalmadi Goes Ghajini Way

Mr. Suresh Kalmadi who after eating all the Commonwealth Games money goes the Ghajini way. He was admitted to hospital because of short term memory loss. Below are the images appearing on facebook these days.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The invention of lying - Why people lie..

The reason I am writing this post is because I have seen a movie "The Invention of Lying" and I am pretty moved by the story. In the movie there is world shown in a different way where nobody knows lying. Whatever they speak is only truth whether it is about insulting anybody. And there is a guy who invents a lie for the first time and changed his life completely. He was shown a real looser in the beginning but then when he started lying he became rich and his life becomes good.

But my point here is not about promoting liars but to observe the fact that how world accepts things which is not known to them. If any one of you have seen the movie, you would have realized that how easy it is to fool people around. You just need an idea to seek their attentions and when you get that attention, you can influence them by any information. But for that you need a command.

But there are still some things which you cannot fool around just like it has been shown in the movie. First is the Death, no matter how much you control your environment, death will come to you. Second thing is Love, you try hard, lie anything but you would not get love until you remain true with the people around. That is why love of the family is strongest where nothing is hidden and if there is something hidden then that relationship/family is not strong.

I would like you guys to watch the movie and decide yourself what do you think about it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cricket's 2000th test match

Lord's Cricket Test (21st July 2011): Match Facts: (Courtesy Achal Kapoor)

1) 2000th Test Match..!!
2) 100th Test Match between India & England..!!
3) This could be the last time that Lord's gets to watch Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar.
4) Neither of three has ever scored a hundred at Lord's.
5) Sachin with 99 international centuries in his kitty can make his century of centuries.
6) The total number of test centuries scored by Rahul, Laxman and Sachin is also 99. If any one of three scores a century, tally will reach 100.
7) Duncan Fletcher, coaching a team for the 100th time in Tests.
8) The No. 1 ranking is at stake in the series.

Really looking forward to this match and series.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Need Spain

After watching the movie "Zindagi Na Mile Dubaara", I really wanted to go to Spain doing all the adventure activities which Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhaan Akhtar did in the movie. Though I watched it in theater but felt peace when these guys were sky diving. I wonder how it would feel like when doing myself.

Till now, I only knew about Raul, Xavi and few other soccer players from Spain but now I know whole lot of things about Spain not just limited to Soccer. The Tomatina Festival, Pamplone Bull Run, etc. just amazing. I really like the roads there cruising through beautiful mountains and rivers. Also the towns have those street roads which gives the impression of bricks lying in a proper manner is just amazing.

I don't know how is the weather there but from the movie it seems OK. I think one must go out from their busy lives and spend some days in these exotic locations and Spain is one such place. I wish I would go there some time in my life. The tourism campaign of Spain rightly said "I NEED SPAIN".

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Corrupt congress !!

I think parents should stop putting their children names as Manmohan, Digvijay, Kapil, Rahul and Sonia. Nobody wants to idolize them. Hate these people.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mumbai blasts again

13th July 2011 - Three blasts in Mumbai. All news channels flashing updates. No confirmations on deaths. Two days ago, so many lives lost in train accident. Tell me for how long you will bear this. There is a limit to everything. What is this bloody UPA government doing. Didn't they learned from the 26/11 terrorist attacks. For how long you will continue to keep the life of Indian people in danger.

Few years back, I have seen Connaught Place, New Delhi bomb blast live in front of my eyes. I have seen bodies lying, people crying for help. I don't want to seen that picture again and again. If that bomb has exploded few seconds later, I would have been the casualty there.

You (Government) have employed so many measures but of no use. Where is our hard earned money which we give it to you goes. Why we put high alerts only after blasts. There is America where after 9/11, there are no terror attacks. Infact they killed the person (Osama) who was behind the attack. And you are just giving food to Ajmal Kasab. You are bringing up that asshole who killed so many innocent people. There is already corruption everywhere in Congress government and now this. Tell us why common person is suffering and you maintaining your accounts in Swiss banks.

The irony is common people itself are to be blamed. They have chosen this government who is just fighting over how to reject the Lok Pal bill. They can use Lathis against Ramdev but they will show no guts to go after the obvious culprits. Spiness Cowards!! Our puppet PM needs to be gifted a pair of bangles. This is my request to people of India, please please please do not vote for this Congress government ever again.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Waiting for Google +

Google + has not been launched officially to all the people but still it has gathered huge response from the social networking crowd. I am looking forward to use this social network platform. Facebook has been a game changer for me till now but now it will have tough competition from Google.

Features like hangouts in Google + in which you can group chat is new in social networking but facebook has announced that it will also bring this feature. Till now facebook does not have video chat but it has introduced it now with collabration with Skype. I won't move from facebook as the picture suggested but surely would like to get my hands dirty with Google + as soon as possible.

Even Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook has joined Google + to know the features. Google is not inviting other users to join as of now so as to increase the anticipation of the product. I would say it is teasing us.