Friday, July 29, 2011

Indian Railways New Website

The new website for Indian Railways which is opened for public recently has been temporarily stopped. Now people will again have to go the old website where lot of tickets were booked by agents much to the inconvenience of the common people.

The previous website which is still running by IRCTC hacked daily at around 8 AM in the morning when lot of people try to book the tatkal tickets (as reported in the news). The new website was inaugurated by then Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee in a ceremony which was advertised in many newspapers. Now this service has been stopped without giving any reason. I have created the login on this new website but then again I have to use the old IRCTC website to book my tickets which does not have tickets available anytime.


Atif Imam said...

Dear Varun, The IRCTC website does have tickets available if some one is planning his/her travel well in advance. Due to unavailability of seat/berth or some technical glitche one might have gone through an unpleasant experience. But this can't be stated that ticket is not available anytime. Anyway I wish Indian Railway portal or IRCTC comes up with a better service.

Varun said...

Atif: Thanks for the comment and I agree that tickets are available when planning a journey well in advance. But what about others who need to go to some place urgently due to some emergency. The tickets are not available and then one has to go to the agents who have these tickets with them booked in advance.

There are instances where I have seen tickets not available for the trains, the day bookings started.