Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mumbai blasts again

13th July 2011 - Three blasts in Mumbai. All news channels flashing updates. No confirmations on deaths. Two days ago, so many lives lost in train accident. Tell me for how long you will bear this. There is a limit to everything. What is this bloody UPA government doing. Didn't they learned from the 26/11 terrorist attacks. For how long you will continue to keep the life of Indian people in danger.

Few years back, I have seen Connaught Place, New Delhi bomb blast live in front of my eyes. I have seen bodies lying, people crying for help. I don't want to seen that picture again and again. If that bomb has exploded few seconds later, I would have been the casualty there.

You (Government) have employed so many measures but of no use. Where is our hard earned money which we give it to you goes. Why we put high alerts only after blasts. There is America where after 9/11, there are no terror attacks. Infact they killed the person (Osama) who was behind the attack. And you are just giving food to Ajmal Kasab. You are bringing up that asshole who killed so many innocent people. There is already corruption everywhere in Congress government and now this. Tell us why common person is suffering and you maintaining your accounts in Swiss banks.

The irony is common people itself are to be blamed. They have chosen this government who is just fighting over how to reject the Lok Pal bill. They can use Lathis against Ramdev but they will show no guts to go after the obvious culprits. Spiness Cowards!! Our puppet PM needs to be gifted a pair of bangles. This is my request to people of India, please please please do not vote for this Congress government ever again.

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Kamlesh Sharma said...

Oh I still have the bad memory of that CP blast .. we saw together :(