Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riots in London

Whats happening in London is very sad. I was of the opinion that these activities happens in South East Asian countries only. Europe is mostly calm. People do not believe in riots and protest mostly in peaceful manner. I always complaint of Indians that they choose violent path to protest. Now we have learned to protest silently (Anna Hazare cause, candle night vigil at India gate, etc), these Europeans are getting violent.

Do you think UK debt crisis is somewhat causing this? If not directly but indirectly giving people the reason to fight against the authorities/government. People are unemployed. They do not have any work. They have enough time to think negatively. Remember "Empty Mind is Devil's Workshop"? People need to be more optimistic. They should not take part in such activities as it is hurting their nation only. I hope everybody is safe in London.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Common Man's Dos and Don'ts in Recession

We have seen the 2007 to 2009 period when economy was in recession.We saw people struggled to save their jobs in that market scenario. The service companies were not getting projects. The products company were not able to sell the products. The money generation factor for an individual was either bare minimal or going down at a constant pace. Now the air has started again. How Can a common man survive this recession? What should be their DOs and Donts??

Recession or not, one should be very much optimistic and never give up hope. However, here are some ideas to cope up with recession.

1. Save money. Do not do over expenditure. Do not go on shopping spree. Do not waste money in having exotic luncheons and dinners. Save money by using less power and waste less water. Wasting resources such as power and water have many adverse effects. One of it is your bill. Try to spend money in a control manner. Plan out your budget and stick to it. Until some unforeseen situation occurs.

2. One should always buy a health insurance policy. Even if you already have a policy, confirm that it is updated and you have paid the premium due.

3. Postpone your heavy expenditures. If you are planning to buy a car or that dream house, wait for a while. There might be chances that these things will go cheap in future as there will shortage of demand.    

4. Be optimistic. Do not lose heart if you are not getting a raise or even if your salary is cut down. Be optimistic that things will change and things WILL surely change over time.  

5. Learn more. One of the major effects of recession is that it has increased the competition. Now for one job several people are contesting. You might lose job because you are not keeping with time. Be ahead in knowledge. Try to read and learn. Give extra effort at office. try to get recognized in office. Whenever you get time. Read read read and read.

Just know that Change is the only permanent thing. Everything else is volatile.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Recession on the Cards?

5th August 2011: According to recent economic situation in US, the probability of recession has been doubled. The chances are that there will be recession is 10% and it may come in the next year has 35% chances. According to latest reports, US economy is not growing. Global stock markets tumbled on Friday due to fear that US is heading towards another recession. Already European debt crisis is worsening. No matter how much bailout packages has been announced, the economy is not recovering at all.

What caused these reports is the latest findings of some key economic indicators like consumer spending, manufacturing, job cuts and GDP. If US economy continues to perform like this, we are not far from a 2008 situation.

The effect of fears of US recession also impacted Indian stock market as the sensex closed 387 points lower than the last day. Lets hope we all survive these tough times.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

North Indians Vs South Indians

I am writing this post with no intention of hurting any particular religion, caste or community. But this subject is not discussed much in the past but everybody had their opinions on it.

Earlier people from South India were seen as good people. In fact they are considered to be the honest people, doing things within law and very calm and composed. We North Indians have always made fun of them in our schools or colleges and continued to do so because they do not react in bad manner. But these days the trend is changing. These people are now emerging in latest scams, they are now having billions of rupees in their bank accounts by looting the common people. I am not saying all South Indians are corrupt but now their names are mentioned more in news.

One politician has gone to an extent where he wants noble prize for his achievements. In actual he should be thrown out of the country for using his power for illegal activities. This is not just limited to politicians as they are in different category. But common people who are from South behaving in rude manner. Though it might be because they have seen enough of North Indians bullying them. There is a limit to certain things. And now they are giving us back what they were given in past.

This subject is very controversial and I am not against South Indians. I accept that North Indians are the most selfish in India.

I think this is a matter of debate and I don't think there will be a conclusion. More important, we are Indians first.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My First Smartphone

Ever since I got hold of Motorola Milestone XT 720, I was amazed to see so many features. Thanks to android platform which gives me so many useful applications for free. This is my first smartphone and I was overjoyed when I bought it 5 months back. The phone typically has fast processor, graphics are very fine and camera is superb.

One of the best features which I find in ths phone is the motorola phone portal, where if you are on wifi or USB internet you can directly open your phone on any computer. The phone will give you one web address which you can type on your computer and you can view all your contacts, photos, and sms's. You can also send sms's from computer screen while connected to phone through wifi or USB internet.

The mobile camera is of very good quality. There are features like auto focus and xenon flash. The phone is bit bulky but looks wise it is great. It has that manly look. The touch screen is good and equipped with gorilla glass.

Overall I find this a very good mobile device but few things which lacks in this are the low internal memory, battery usage (though it is affecting all android based phones).