Thursday, September 29, 2011


A thought came into my mind that why titles/designations in Government are same as in organizations. I mean the titles used in governments should be different from companies/organizations. Say for example President, I am Ok with country having a President or Vice President. But why these titles are used in organizations. President or Prime Minister is a Head of the country and President in companies is not the Head. Though most of the CEOs are also President. Then why using President and Vice President in companies

I am totally against using Presidents and Vice Presidents titles in companies. An alternative can be Managing Director.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another bomb blast

Another bomb blast rocked Delhi today. Many lives lost once again. News channels will repeat the same news again and again. Politicians will fight each other on news channels and blame each other. A few common sentences will be spoken by our political leaders. These are:

1. We strongly condemn the attacks.
2. It is a cowardly act.
3. We will not succumb to terrorism.
4. This was a planned attack.
5. We had warned about it earlier.
6. The government will give X amount of money to victims' relatives.
7. There are no leads yet.
8. We can't fight terror alone.
9. The perpetrators will be brought to justice.

We are tired of these words. This government cannot bring these people to justice. There are many examples at present where these people are enjoying their lives in India. We are feeding them with our money. We can only pray that such things do not occur again in future.