Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day of Coincidences

I will never ever forget this day (sometime in September) when I experienced something special. It was a day with full of coincidences. I do not know I should call it coincidences or faith as I am not that religious. But that day I observed that there is some invisible power helping each and everybody on this earth.


I was traveling in a Delhi metro as usual for my office. I boarded the metro and after sometime I got the seat. There is this guy sitting next to me with a baby in his arms and 3 bags on the floor. I think he was coming from New Delhi Railway Station. The thought came into my mind that how will this guy get down from metro with that much luggage. So I remain sitting till everybody board off the metro and offered my help to take his luggage. We went downstairs. I was taking care of his luggage while he has a baby. After reaching the gate, he thanked me and took auto rickshaw and went.

Events Started

1. We used to wait for our three wheeler who picks office staff. So I was waiting for the three wheeler with my friend. I was just telling my friend, about a lady who used to come daily and today she hasn't come till now. He was also noticing that lady daily. Just as we were discussing this, we saw her and told each other about the coincidence. So this is first.

2. There is a advertisement on this three wheeler from which we used to go from Metro Station to our office of some college which provided degrees in MBA, BBA, etc. So I was telling my friend that there is another three wheeler which has this similar advertisement. Now what we saw, we got amazed. That three wheeler has just entered the road on which we were going from a turn. I told my friend about the incident in a metro and he told me that you have helped somebody, therefore, what you are saying today, it is happening.

I agreed to him and said that OK, if that is the case I should speak something good. I told him just casually that we will get the appraisal today in office. It is a mid year of a financial year and there was no chance of it.

3. We entered office, got busy into our work and forgot the topic. After lunch, I came back to my seat and saw my friend's skype message. It said "Bhai tumne to kamaal kar diya" (Bro, you have done a wonder). I asked him with a question mark that for what. Then I checked my mail and saw the mail from HR and there was a appraisal form attached in the mail.


Abhishek Bhadra said...

Bhai mubarak ho....:)

Varun said...

hahaha....bhai nothing like that. It was just a performance evaluation ;)