Monday, October 24, 2011

Delhi Jal Board

This is again one of those posts where I find another government department not responding to my queries. I think we seriously need to improve these departments otherwise nobody would be able to use their services. This time it is "Delhi Jal Board". No matter how many websites are there on web of these government departments, none of them works. You cannot find the "contact us" page working.

There is a customer cell number available on Delhi Jal Board website of one Mr. XYZ who is heading the Delhi Jal Board office of my area. When I tried calling on that number, to my surprise, I find a girl on the other side. I asked her is this Mr. XYZ's number? She said yes. I asked her can I talk to him? She said that he has forgotten his number at home. Wow, that is great, Mr. XYZ has forgotten the government provided cell phone number at home to be used by her daughter. I asked her to provide me his office number. Her reply was "I don't know". Daughter doesn't know her dad's office phone number. What kind of family is this? I really wanted to call on this number again at night to ask this person that why this cell phone number is at home. But I don't want to get into that.

There were other numbers as well on the website but nobody picked it. Then I went to the Delhi Government website and there I find helpdesk for Delhi Jal Board. There is a number mentioned of one Mr. ABC (Nodal Officer). I called on that landline number, nobody picked for the first time. Then I again tried the number, Mr. ABC picked up the phone and I told him all my concerns. He replied that I do not look into this matter, I am from drainage department. Mr. ABC please go and drown yourself in drainage. I hope somebody from Delhi Jal Board read this and do something about it.

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