Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Everything

The hottest trend around the world is to occupy various stock exchanges of major financial cities. You will hear so many of it like "Occupy Sydney", "Occupy Tokyo", "Occupy Rome", etc. It all started with "Occupy Wall street", where protestors marched in New York. The protesters set up camp in Zuccotti Park. Locals and protesters call it "Liberty Plaza", the park's former name. I am writing this post assuming that you all know what is this protest all about. Well if everybody is in debt, then who is the creditor.

I think it is people who have to change their spending habits. First of all I am against paycheck every week. It is not a case in India, where people used to wait for a salary to come and then they allocate their budgets, plan their spending and save some amount of money every month. This way they do not panic at the time of crisis. In USA and other European countries you get paycheck at the start of the weekend. When you get the money, you always tend to spend and then you don't have any savings left. Therefore, government has to give salaries at the end of the month only so that people can plan their spending accordingly. This way people will develop the habit of less spending and also they will save some amount of money.

One cannot just go on the streets and protest against companies or governments. The salaries in US and Europe is more as compare to India but still they cannot save. I know that things do not come cheap but when you know this, why don't you plan your money outflow. When you have money on Friday, why do you always want to eat at the restaurants, why do you want to go to pubs and discs every weekend. Learn from a common man in India. How he manages the whole income which he gets once in a month?

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