Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs is dead...

The man who is a idol to many technology freak people is no more. He was simply a genius. One can compare him to great Einstein or Newton. He has so many patents to his name. He has that instinct where he is unique from everybody else. His mind is always busy in creating something new and innovative for people. That his why his company has created some of the revolutionary products like Ipod, Iphone and Ipad.

For everybody he is some kind of legend, but he is very good human being. In his last 2-3 years, he drew a salary of only 1 dollar. He will always be remembered by everybody.

Now he has died, I should not say this but one thing always remained in my mind is that he created products for rich people only. In America, everybody can afford if but in India, the products are very costly. When Ipod was launched common man in India couldn't afford it. Similarly Iphone, the current market price of an Iphone in India is above Rs. 40000. And now same with Ipad. Have you seen any common man in India listening to Ipod when it was launched or now Iphone or Ipad.

Though he is a genius and had done some remarkable job in the industry but the products his company made is not for the common people.

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