Tuesday, November 15, 2011

China started getting scared of India

In what was considered to be a major shift in the China's recent concerns, India started building up army personnel over Indo-China disputed border area. India is planning to increase the military personnel from current 40000 to 140000. They are just scared of the numbers being increased by 100000 and everybody knows our army jawan's strength as compared to Chinese. Read this Article and you will get to know the China's concerns.

Reacting on the move, they say that "It will result in a tense situation in the region and harm India's own interests. Increasing troops on the border area is always a sensitive move and it is especially sensitive to increase troops on a disputed border area". And what are you doing in Arunachal Pradesh is a right move? Arunachal Pradesh is a part of India and will remain in India. Do whatever you want but you will not get even a pie from here. If time comes our brave soldiers will sacrifice anything to protect the country and yes your defense budget is more than India's.

Further eliminating the threat they said that "In an era when precision-guided weapons are developing rapidly, everyone with common sense knows that concentrated troops could be eliminated easily". Hahahaha.... Everybody knows how are the products which are "Made in China". To further making your situation more difficult read this. I know this is more of a hate China post but we know that you are a great country with some great minds. Try involving those great minds in some constructive process and both India and China can work towards betterment of people in both the countries rather than fighting over a land and showing who is more superior.

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