Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012...What do you have for me?

Another year is going to end soon and this time I do not want to talk about all the negatives which we usually do while blogging. I do not want to end this year on low. Infact, I will say that it has been a good year for me. If we end the year 2011 on high note, I am sure 2012 will be more exciting. The year passed by as expected. I have settled in life now but don't want to be complacent. I have to be more ambitious, I have to find more challenges. I don't want my life to be easy going. I want to get involve in as many things as possible.

I have noticed that nothing in life come easily. You have to be on your toes always. Continuously look out for those opportunities. As soon as you conquer one thing there is another challenge lined up. Now 2012 should be more challenging. I have few things in mind which I will certainly like to get my hands on it. So be ready 2012, I am coming. Better be good!!

P.S. The promise which I made last year that I will write more posts was not fulfilled by me. I have equaled the number of posts from last year but couldn't passed it. Therefore, I will not promise this time and lets see how much I write.

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