Friday, December 16, 2011

New Delhi's Neighbor - Gurgaon

Today we were discussing about Gurgaon. How this city has come up in last 10 years and now is it worth living here or not? When Delhi became congested and there was not enough space to open new offices, companies did not intend to shift base from here as they saw that there is no dearth of professional and skilled labor here. So they decided to find a new places not far away from Delhi which are now called as Millennium Cities which include Noida and Gurgaon.

The companies have set up huge offices in world class buildings made by DLF, Unitech and other builders. I think these builders would not be in a position they are now if there were no Gurgaon or Noida. But looking back at the things, talking about Gurgaon it has not developed as one would have like to. If any city would have given 10 years to develop, they would not want to see what Gurgaon is today. Lack of transport, water, electricity, and bad roads, you name them and you will not see all the basic necessities of a city in a good condition. I daily travel to Gurgaon and when I try to compare Delhi and Gurgaon, I see Delhi far better than Gurgaon. If you want to travel from Huda City Center Metro Station to any place, you will find auto rickshaw walaas hurdling around you and try to loot you with the fares. This is not just limited at Huda City Center, infact same scene is visible at every metro station.

Delhi metro is one big thing which has happened to Gurgaon but it is only because of efforts from Delhi government otherwise Haryana government has not invested anything in the city. They have just taken money from companies so that they can setup their offices. But it is hard to find any project started by Haryana government. Its only private players like DLF who have started working on Gurgaon metro. The roads in Gurgaon are worst. One should have balls of steel while traveling on Gurgaon roads.

Though many residential colonies are now there in Gurgaon, but still I feel that it is not a good place to live. I have seen people struggling with their lives in Gurgaon. If you are rich and in the elite class then its OK to live there but middle class families still find this place tough to live. I find Delhi to be more exciting and worth living.

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