Monday, December 17, 2012

I am Nothing!

Once I have gone to my family doctor's clinic for some general cold or fever that I don't remember now. This is about 1 year old incident. As I was telling the doctor my my condition, a small boy came in the clinic alone. He was bleeding from his leg and asked compounder "How much for a bandage". Compounder told him 20 Rupees. By looking at his wound, I knew he was in great pain but his expressions do not look like he is feeling pain. He stood there for a while then left.

I was busy telling my condition to doctor but somehow also looking at this boy. At that time I could not react but after sometime I realized that I could have helped him but did not respond at that time.

After finishing my appointment with the doctor, I rushed out to see if I could find him but he had vanished by then.

Today after almost 1 year, I may have contributed towards various investment schemes or may have given some amount for the deprived and poor but those 20 Rupees are still heavy on my mind. A little delay and hesitation and most importantly, the tendency to weigh the pros and cons while donating keeps us in doldrums.

Here I wish to convey that we spend few hundreds and some times few thousands towards cakes, flowers, candles some wasteful clothes during sale etc. which are of very little use later but when it come to donating such meagre amounts, we take a long time to decide whether it is for the right cause, or the person is genuine or we are not being taken for a ride or even wondering whether he will take it in the tight spirit etc. etc. Yes, cases of cheating are there but do follow your instinct and act fast.

That was the day I realized that we are Nothing if we can not give a thing !

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

School Memories

There are few activities which I think we all have done in our school times. At that time it was considered as quite a big issue. But now when we think about it, we miss those days. Here is the list of few of them:
  • During Diwali, taking "Bijli Bombs" to school and burst them in toilets then run away.H
  • Having empty pockets (without money) but lots of guts.
  • After school, watching Cartoon Network (Swat Cats, The Mask, The Flintstones).
  • Making Aeroplanes of copy pages and throwing them on girls.
  • Throwing chalks on each other and pretending of not doing it.
  • Writing kids' names on the whiteboard as monitor while the teacher was away. Then putting ticks next to repeat offenders.
  • The evergreen and ever used phrase 'pin drop silence'.
  • Distributing chocolates/toffees to the entire class on your birthday and only giving your best friend more than one.
  • Discussing Steve Austin's stunner, Triple H's pedigree and The Rock's people's elbow.
  • Singing National Anthem daily.
  • Playing Cricket with a Paper Ball as ball and Writing Pad as Bat.
  • When keeping your eyes open during prayers was the ultimate offense.
  • Pen fights on the desks.
  • Passing chits to a friend while a lecture is going on.
  • Eating lunch of friends before recess.
  • Copying sheets during exams.
  • Hating those who asks for extra sheet during exams.
  • Sharing jokes in free periods.
  • Asking parents for money to eat "chola kulchas" or "churan".
There are many more which I cannot recall right now.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Firstrain Runners

It's going to be a big day for Firstrain runners.....the day Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (30th September 2012)! There is a record 16 of us + 1 mystery runner (can you guess???) who are going to take part in this marathon. We are going to attempt to run 21.097 kms without dying or suffering serious injury. While our level of fitness is MUCH below the professional athletes who are running, we're still very much inspired and enthused to participate in the marathon. Over the last two months, we have been following the news stories, Facebook posts, etc related to a Half Marathon. We are talking to each other about the training, exercises and experiences. Most of the runners have only one question in mind- "Will I be able to complete the race?".    The Firsrain India office official trainer AjaySharma is giving all the valuable tips and preparing us hard by organizing fitness sessions.

Due to the rainy season and not so proper parks or roads that you find in Delhi and Gurgaon, one quickly become frustrated during half marathon training with how hard it is to plan out and run with directions in order to achieve a certain distance. But spirit of Half Marathon pushing us to participate even if we are not fully fit or practiced. In 2011, 3 people from Firstrain participated in half marathon and this time the number has increased to an impressive 17!   Thanks to KD and few others who have really motivated people take part in the marathon.

There are some serious runners among the lot like Sanjay Shankar and Narender Kumar who already dry ran the marathon- hats off to their achievement! There is one mystery runner who is going to surprise us during race day itself. Sorry folks, you will have to wait until 30th September to find out about him/her.  Three of us from previous year will try to improve the timings.

First time runners after completing the race will surely going to enjoy and  cherish the moment when they finish it. This is going to be a big adventure for all the runners. Only 9 days to go before race day! I wish everyone the best of luck, the main thing is to enjoy the race and have fun.

Following people from Firstrain are participating in Half Marathon. Will they able to finish the race in 3 hours? You are welcome to comment. 

1. Vipul Goyal
2. Priyankar Shrivastava
3. Rajiv Arora
4. Rohit Goyal
5. Aparna Gupta
6. Sanjay Shankar
7. Varun Dixit
8. Mohammad Atthar
9. Abhinandan Bora
10.Binay Mohanty
11.Ansuman Mishra
12.Nilendu Gupta
13.Ankush Nagpal
14.Kushagra Deep
15.Gaurav Khera
16.Narender Kumar

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Facebook on Decline?

When bad news comes for somebody, it comes in abundance. This is exactly what is happening to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Mark Zuckerberg has married at the right time. Just after his company's Initial Public Offering (IPO), i.e. the very next he got married. He knew that he and his company is now matured enough. He got married and his company Facebook marry a stock. But things did not work as planned, at least to Facebook as a company. First, the blunder in stock trading on the very first day. Then the opening stock price of Facebook which was decided as $38 plunged to $27.58 as on today. The loss made by shareholders is huge. I wonder what went wrong. Though I personally think that Facebook has made the decision late for IPO.

Now the next bad news for Facebook Inc is that the user growth on Facebook has slowed down significantly. Also people spending time on Facebook has reduced. If you look at the graph below (source: comScore), you will see the time spent by a user on Facebook has declined as compared to previous years.

I am observing this trend even in daily life. I have seen people now complaining that Facebook has become boring now. They don't log in much to the website as they were previously. One reason which came out from the report is the growth of mobile internet worldwide. People are now switching to mobile device to log in to Facebook instead from their laptops or desktops. It is still unclear whether Facebook's mobile growth is coming at the expense of personal-computer usage, said comScore's analyst, Mr. Andrew Lipsman. ComScore began tracking mobile use of Facebook only several months ago, so there are no clear trends in the data.

Facebook is a great product which has revolutionized the Social Networking concept and truly won our heart in very short time. I hope that it continues to grow with new features.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nigeria Plane Crash Victim's List

Here is the list of people who have died in Nigeria Plane Crash.

Onyeka Anyene
Hurria Lawal
Maimuna Anyene
Bakisumiadi Yindadi
Ebuka Enuma
Oluchi Onyeyiri
Sunday Enuma
George Moses
Ogechi Njoku
Noah Anyene
Kamsiyona Anyene
Stanford Obrutse
Kaiyenotochi Anyene
Okeke Hope
Rev. Ayodeji Cole
Ngozi Cole
Noah Anyene
Ailende Ehi
Oluwasegun Funmi Abiodun
and Shehu Sahad Usman, Alade Martins
Onita Jennifer (Mrs)
Onita Josephine
Ike Ochonogo
Joy Alison
John Ahmadu
Akowe Fatokun Anjola
Fatokun Olaoluwa
Fatokun Ibukun
Buhari Maikudi
Amina Idris Bugaje
Ajani Adenle
Adijolola Abraham
Obot Emmanuel
Otegbeye Hadiza
Ehioghae Sunny
Onwuriri Celestine
Abikalio Otatoru
Noris Kim
Eyo Bassey
Njoku Charles
Anibaba Tosin
Okocha Christopher
Sobowale Femi
and Phillip Chukwu Ebuka, Sparagano Lawrence
Somolu Oluwakemi
Ariyibi Temitope
Meche Eke
Ojugbana Amaka
Ojugbana Christopher
Buna Walter
Coker Olumide
Lilian Lass
Mutittir Itsifanus
Yusuf Alli
Lt. Col. Jumbo Ochigbo
Eribake Wale
Zhai Shuta
Wang Yu
P. Awani
O. Awani
N. Chidiac
Rijoel Dhose
Li Hizha
Apochi Godwin
Lang Yi
Yinusa Ahmed
Faysal Inusa
Mojekwu Adaobi
Ibrahim D
Bamaiyi Adamu
Ifekowa Jones
Peter Nosike
Anthony Nwaokocha
Mahmud Aliyu
Nnadi John
Akweze Elizabeth
Dorothy Adedunni
Echeidu Ibe
Maria Okulehi
Jennifer Ibe
Okoko junjip
Sarah Mshelia
Ahmed Mbana
Okonji Patrick
Oyosoro Rajuli
Oyosoro Ugbabio
Kaikai Farida
David Kolawole Fortune
Eyinoluwa David Kolawole
Kaltum Abubakar
and Dakawa Mahmud. Patience Sunday Udoh
Asuquo Iniebong
Onemonelese Aimeihi
Onyeagocha Chidinma
Onyeagocha Ogechi
Ike Okoye
Amaka Raphael
Ijeoma Onyinjuke
Garba Abdul
Aisha Abdul
Benson Oluwayomi
Anthony7 Opara
Taiwo Lamidi
Awodogan Olusanmi
Obi Chinwe
Shaibu Memuna
Major I.G Mohammed
Nagidi Ibrahim
Attah Anthonia
Shaibu Sam
Ifeanyi Orakwe
Obinna Akubueze
Li Rui
Xie Zhenfeng
Oko Eseoghene
Chukwuemeka Okere
Adetunbi Adebiyi
Ibrahim Mantakari
Was Ruth
Wasa Awiyetu
Ojukwu Alvana
Lawal Anakobe
Nabil Garba
Mohammed Falmata
Ibrahim Jangana
Okikiolu Olukayode
Komolafe Olugbenga
Dike Chinwe
Dike Chike Ezugo
Olusola Arokoyo
Adetola Ayoola
Akinola Olumodeji
Olukoya Banji Saka Otaru
Adeleke Oluwadamilare
Yusuf Ibrahim
Ikpohi Obiola
Aikhomu Ehimen
Levi Ajuonuma
Mbong Eventus

Videos of the plane crash:

Note: List is taken from other websites.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Still Remember TV Video Games?

There was a huge craze when TV video game was introduced in India in middle of 1990s. Earlier it was limited to video game parlors where kids after school make queues to play their favorite game. After it was available in market for individual buyers, every kid wants to have one. We used to exchange video cassettes/cartridges in the neighborhood. Everybody has their favorite game. Me and my brother has spent many hours playing these games. Can't even imagine how many hours are spent on them. The cassettes which are very popular are 64 in one, 7 in one, 6 in one, 4 in one. Few of my favorite games are:

1. Mario - I still want to complete those 8 rounds.
2. Contra - Both Contra and Super Contra were amazing. Loved that S power.
3. Spartan - Kicking and punching on 4 floors and that flying kick.
4. Batman - This one is with another super hero fighting in a house which have large plates, glasses.
5. Mustafa - Get back to the era of dinosaurs.
6. Baseball - Really wanted to hit those home runs.
7. Turtles - My favorite was Ralph with some amazing powers. Dragons were difficult to beat. Never finished it.
8. Road Fighter - Car race with different speeds. Have to keep a mark on the speed level.

Now a days Playstation, Xbox, Wii has taken their place but those games have their own charm and still stored in my memory.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Petrol Prices Increased by Rs. 7.50

I think this is the highest ever petrol price hike in the history of India. I don't know where our country is heading. Rupee has reached to its lowest level to around Rs. 56 and now petrol prices are increased by Rs. 7.50. Sensex is also loosing daily. This UPA government is worse. I have not seen such a bad condition of my country in my life. May be older generation has seen it during wars. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi are making sure that this is UPAs last tenure. I don't think if any literate person will vote for their government ever. It will only be a political or religion based decision to vote for them.

Manmohan Singh is the same man who revived Indian economy in 1991 and now he is taking it to that level again where India was before 1991. I don't know what kind of economist he is? It doesn't even bother him. He is silent as usual. Mamta Banerjee who is against hiking railway fares is also silent. What happen to you now Madam? You are more busy in deleting your cartoons on web. Is this some kind of revenge taken by this government from Indian people? I hope 2014 comes soon so that we can get away from this government. I know it will be tough for the new government as well but at least there will be a change and Change is Good.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate

Finally the show which I was waiting for has arrived on TV. Not aware of the concept, no expectations, I was just sure that its an Aamir Khan show and it has to be good and it has not disappointed me. It has truly touched the emotional chord of every human being who has seen it. I am sure even those people who were involved in female foeticide are now realizing that what they have done was wrong. This show has such an impact. Ofcourse, cannot do if they do not have real heart but a money making heart inside them.

Talking about comparison from other TV shows which bollywood actors hosted, this is in no way can be compared. This is in a league of its own. I am talking about the shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by Amitabh Bacchan, Shahrukh Khan, Kya aap Paachvi Pass hai by Shahrukh Khan. I agree that it helps people in earning some quick money without any real effort. Some people really deserve that money after going through difficulties in their life. But Satyamev Jayate is not about money, its about social stigma that is prevailing in our society. You can earn money but you can earn respect only when you care about the society. I now get to know why Aamir Khan previously refused to host Kaun Banega Crorepati. The show got the big attention because of Amitabh Bacchan, obviously a great personality, a great ambassador for Bollywood, a great man in life. What about life beyond Bollywood? Shahrukh Khan? Another great personality, but no way consider to be the role model.

Satyamev Jayate is one initiative that truly defines what Aamir Khan is all about. He is beyond beyond Bollywood. He is an great actor but he always chosen films/movies which impacts people in real life. He is the only actor who can host this show. I hope this show change many many lives and serve the purpose of removing social perils from the society.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hawa Hawa by Hasan Jahangir

It was the time when people watched Chitrahaar on Doordarshan. Everybody use to wait for the time when it starts. I still remember the day when Hawa Hawa song was first played on TV. When the song was playing, I had this feeling that this is something different. Never heard songs outside Bollywood. Waiting to see the name of the movie, but couldn't. Then next day at school everybody asked each other that have you heard that song. It was instant hit. We recalled the lyrics from the last night and sang it in school. Still trying to find out the movie name. There was no such thing called as Album at those times. We have never heard it. So here is the song which is still popular and just feel like playing it forever.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Traveling Websites in India - Dirty Business

There are lots of online traveling websites in India and most common among them are and I was planning to go to Leh (Ladakh) and visited these websites. I found a deal which sounded reasonable and suits my plans. When I tried to book these deals, the executive told me that prices are increased. Now how the hell you can do this. You have mentioned the price and the validity of that price on your website and when customer wanted to book the deal, you say that prices are increased. This has happened both in and

Tell me if such things happened to others as well. I have also come across an article which mentions that these traveling websites ( and increase the prices of flights tickets when you are in the process of booking the tickets. Here is the link. You will find the tickets at certain prices but when you start to book the ticket, the price gets increased. May be they use some technology to track the request from a IP address and then when they find person is going to book the ticket, they show the inflated prices.

I don't know why they write this sentence "The rates are subject to change with the seats availability. You need to confirm the package ASAP". When you are writing on your website that this price is valid for certain period, how can you change the price. If there is any regulatory authority maybe IATA then they need to be more strict in approving these websites to conduct business in India. I find it completely unethical. I have a proper mails which can prove such things.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Google Google Everywhere

Whenever you are in front of computer and you are looking for some information, What do you do? Google is the solution. Everything we need to know, Google is the place. It has some kind of monopoly in the search engine market. Every engineer wants to be a part of this great company. There are other Google services as well like Gmail, Google+, Gtalk and now Google Drive.

But one thing which came to my mind after the launch of Google Drive that they always lag behind in introducing such services.

Gmail - 1st April 2004
Gtalk - 24th August 2005
Google + - 28th June 2011
Google Drive - 24th April 2012

If you see these launch dates and their competitors, you will find that these services are started later than their competitors. For e.g. Gmail was launched when hotmail and yahoo mail were already there. Gtalk was launched when MSN and yahoo messenger were there. Google+ was launched when facebook was there and now Google Drive is launched when Dropbox was here. There are other examples as well (Android, etc.)

What does this mean? Are they late in recognizing the potential of any service? From these examples, it seems like that only. No doubt their services are very advanced and user friendly but if they would have started these services earlier, their market presence would have been more. The recent example is Google + which is failed to take off as it was planned.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Facebook Profile Picture

This post was due from long time and it needed lot of research and carefully planned details. The idea was taken from some other source and honestly speaking the research is done by some expert but altered accordingly for my blog readers. Let me know how it is.

Over the past few months this person has done some research on Facebook to see different kinds of Facebook profile photos that his friends and friend of friends had posted. The photo on social networking sites is somewhat a single most important component for personal expression. That’s why reading/understanding one's profile photos can often reveal what is most important to them. Below are 30 profile photos styles that one will find most often when going through your Facebook network.

1. The Modified Cartoon Portrait

These were probably popularized by the classic Hindi movie characters. There are millions of bollywood fans that decided to change their profile photo to the hindi movie actor or actress-like design but there continues to be many others that create similar cartoon-like modifications. I’m not sure of the filters in Photoshop that were used to generate these effects but they’re definitely interesting. The most creative individuals come up with their own unique designs.

2. The Reflective Sunglasses

I have found number of girls using such photos. Don't know why they hide their eyes.I found at least three friends that had used this shot. The reflective sunglasses shot is a clear shot of the individual who’s profile it is and included in the photo is the reflection of the scene that individual is looking at. The reflection helps to provide some context of where the user had their profile photo taken. It’s an eye-catching shot, and one that countless Facebook users have used for their profile.

3. The Just Married Shot

Typically found right after a couple has been married, this photo will show a husband and wife posing for the camera, or the wife and father. While every couple is different and the pose may change from one couple to another, this photo expresses one of the major stages in our lives. Given the average age of a Facebook user, I’d guess that there are millions of users with the “I’m Married” shot as their profile photo. Again women outnumbered men in these shots.

4. I’ve Got a Mac

Right after a person purchases a Mac, or some other costly gadzet, one of the first things they explore is the applications and the one which tends to draw their attention most is the application that lets them make funny photos. One of the photos that’s often used is the four-color Andy Warhol photo. It’s one of the biggest time wasters of any Mac owner and many Facebook users are indeed Mac owners.

5. I’m A Photographer Shot

Photographers are proud about their hobby. The most avid photographers will post a photo of themselves with a camera in front of their face. Ironically, this shot breaks all sort of rules about portrait photos including the one which says good portraits include a full shot of the subject’s face. There are no rules about Facebook photos though so feel free to post anything as your profile picture!

6. I’m a Family Man

The next stage in life after getting married is having children and there is no lack of Facebook users with children. This photo is with the father and his child or children. It emphasizes his dedication to his children and also displays a softer side of the individual. There are plenty of Facebook users with children and that means there are also a lot of family men on the site.

7. The Where’s Waldo Shot

Sometimes we become part of a movement which is much bigger then ourselves. Sometimes it’s a political movement (as mentioned later in this list) and other times its part of a large event. While participating in a large event, some Facebook users will post a photo of themselves buried among the crowd. It’s pretty much impossible to find the person unless you are them and you were at the event and know where you were standing. That’s why I call this one the “Where’s Waldo” shot. The recent example is Anna's movement in India.

8. Name Sign Shot

There are multiple variants of the name sign shot. Some people post a photo of a celebrity wearing a shirt with their name. Others will stumble upon a street sign while traveling abroad. Some also post photos of the names of restaurant signs in foreign countries that resemble their last name. Whatever variant of the photo your friend is using, there is a good chance that you’ve seen someone that’s posted a photo like this.

9. I Love My Pet Photo

Whether you are into rabbits, dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, or any other domestic pet, if you have a pet, you’ve probably posted a photo of it. No matter what type of pet users have, the pet is often a big part of our lives which justifies displaying it as our profile photo.

10. I’m On A Boat or Plane
If you haven’t seen it already, you should probably see the “I’m On a Boat” video. While most people haven’t been on a yacht like the one in the “I’m On a Boat” video, many people enjoy the experience of traveling on a unique boat or plane. I have a friend who is a pilot and he loves his choppers. So he chooses pictures with a helicopter landing, new helicopter, etc. Whether you are traveling by boat or plane, make sure you post the experience to your Facebook profile.

11. This Is Not Me Cartoon Photo

I don’t know why people do this but they’ll post the photo of an obscure cartoon photo. Ultimately I get the idea that the cartoon they are posting should theoretically share similar personality traits but shouldn’t your profile photo be of yourself?

12. The I’m Not Richie Rich Shot
While many of us aspire to be rich, that’s all that it currently is: aspirations. In order to share those aspirations with others we will post photos of the object that we would like to acquire one day. It’s the Facebook equivalent of vision boards. We all have hopes and dreams but displaying objects of our desire doesn’t make it easy for people to find you. Unless of course you have a distinct name or no other people with your name have posted similar objects.

13. The Personal Branding Master

People that are focused on their personal brand will post photos of themselves during moments of authority. Most often this a photo of themselves speaking at an event or just speaking in general to a group of people.

14. The College Poster Photo

Remember how college students have posters of different things all over their door room wall? Some people will post the various types of shots that you can make with a little bit of alcohol, others will pay homage to their beer addiction. There are countless posters out there and Facebook profiles are a great place to post them.

15. I’ve Got a Boyfriend/Girlfriend Photo

Facebook relationships can be an extremely complex thing. One of the things that many new couples do is post a photo of themselves together as a form of a public announcement to solidify the relationship. Let’s be honest though, it’s not just new boyfriends and girlfriends that post the photos. Many husbands an wives do the exact same thing. For this one I decided to pick on those with recently commenced relationships.

16. Change the World Photo

Some Facebook users try to change the world through their Facebook photo. Whether it’s to make a statement about a war that’s taking place somewhere or to speak out against a current policy, the photos make a statement and bring awareness to others that view their profile.

17. Sky Backdrop Headshot

I found numerous friends that had posted of themselves in the midst of some activity with the sky as the backdrop. Let’s be honest, the sky does serve as a nice backdrop. It’s a common occurrence though and coming up with a truly unique Facebook photo can be extremely challenging. The other problem with a sky backdrop is that it gives us no reference of the person’s location for the most part. While not a huge problem, it’s always nice to have some sort of context within a Facebook profile photo.

18. The Tourist Landmark Photo

You would think that people would stop taking photos of themselves directly in front of a famous landmark. Surprisingly they don’t. It’s as if someone in the future will disagree with them when they claim that they’ve actually been somewhere in world. For those moments, these individuals will have their tourist landmark shot as proof of their presence.

19. Personal Paradise
We each have our own vision of a perfect setting. For some it’s sitting on a chair at a Goa beach. Others may prefer to be hiking up some local hill station mountain. Whatever your personal paradise is, it is something that is unique to each of us and when you arrive to your personal paradise, the best thing to do is to take a photo as a memory of that experience.A small percentage of the world is fortunate enough to say that they’ve visited their personal paradise but for those that have, it often serves as their Facebook profile photo.

20. The Joke Photo

Not to be confused with the jokester photo which illustrates an individual who is expressing that humor is one of their greatest personality traits, the joke photo is just that: a joke. There are countless jokes which makes this photo such a unique one.

21. In A Mirror Shot

Made popular on MySpace, photographs taken through a mirror have become a standard for Facebook profile photos. There are many versions of this photo but no matter how it’s taken, it is always taken in a mirror. Some of the most popular mirror photo shots are done in an individual’s bathroom because that’s the most common location of a mirror. Mirrors are also often used as a substitute for the next photo in the list: the extended arm shot.

22. The New Toy Shot

Who doesn’t love the new car or motorcycle they just got? Typically after we throw down a lot of cash for an expensive ride, we like to post a photo of ourselves with it. There are also those that still like to pose with their vehicle despite it being new because they spend a lot of time with it. No matter what your reason for doing it is, there are a lot of Facebook users that post a photo of themselves with their new vehicle.

23. The Middle Finger Shot
I have no idea why, but among the younger generations there is always a photo of someone showing their middle finger. The longer the finger is extended, the better. This is the ultimate way of saying “I don’t give a shit what you think.” It most definitely gets the point across although I can’t recommend using this shot if you are looking to attract a lot of new friends. Rockstar movie is a big contributor of popularizing this shot.

24. This is My Baby!

Rather than posting a photo of themselves, many Facebook users will post a picture of their children. I understand, you love your child and they are the most important thing in your life. It’s hard to find someone though if you are searching through Facebook and a photo of their child keeps showing up though. Fortunately, if you share many friends in common with that individual though, there is a good chance that you will know that it’s them even though it’s a photo of their child. Who can blame the person if their kid is adorable though!

25. Me As a Baby
For those without a baby of their own, some users like to post a photo of themselves as a baby. While they most likely won’t post the most embarrassing baby photos, these photos tend to get a decent response from friends. One would argue that most people that choose to post their baby photos are female as baby photos are typically perceived as “cute”, something that most guys don’t want to be perceived as. Despite that there are still a few guys that post their baby photos but I’d count them as a rare occurrence.

26. The Jokester Photo

Some people just like playing around and for those individuals there is the jokester photo. When humor is an individual’s strongest personality trait, they’ll often times put a funny photo to cheer up your day. Facebook profile photos can make you laugh and these people will try their hardest to put a smile on your face.

27. Here You Go Shot

Some photographers enjoy the foreground/background dynamic and will take advantage of it by letting the subject offer a gift to the viewer. In some cases, that gift is a nice cold glass of beer but there are many variants of the “Here You Go” shot.

28. On Vacation Photo

Many people just don’t want to be at work. For those individuals they post pictures of the vacation they just went on or the vacation that they’d like to be on. It’s not a photo of the person but instead a photo of the vacation scene which is very similar to the “personal paradise” photo.

29. Professional Headshot

For those of you who are actors, professional headshots are practically a necessity for maximizing your odds of getting another gig. Professional headshots are useful for getting a job and Facebook is great for increasing your reach. If you are looking to act or model, then setting your picture as a professional headshot is not a bad idea.

30. This is Me Shot
This is by far the most popular Facebook profile photo. It also happens to be a classic portrait photo. The picture is head on and you can see every aspect of their face, from ear to ear and from chin to forehead. You can clearly see who the person is. There is nothing more simple, and nothing more human than the this me shot. Interestingly, at present I fall under this category.

So which category you fall into?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Priorities of Life

I have been deciding my priorities in life but when I tried to pen down these, I couldn't decide which one comes first and second. There are so many things right now which I need to fulfill, which I desire, which I was long waiting for. And now when I have resources for them, I don't know which one to complete first. Its true that all of these activities are related to money. I cannot complete all of them at one go due to limited money but certainly afford some of them. The real confusion is which one to choose first.

I am sure this must be happening to many people to manage their life, decide priorities, etc and I am sure they must be finding it tough, isn't it? I know about me, I am finding it tough. There are many things/commitments in life which a person gives lot of thought before pursuing any of them. It requires lot of careful planning, time investment. I am going through the similar phase. But talking in general, I am listing down few of the activities (do you call these activities?) which a person always gets confused before attempting them.

Higher Studies or Job
Marriage or Career
Plan a Baby or Give some more time
Foreign Trip or save more money
Rented house or buy a home
Job change or not
Save or Invest

These above are some of the most important and difficult decisions one has to made in his/her life.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are earthquakes on increase?

I don't know why but I felt office building was shaking today. Though there was no earthquake news but somebody shouted earthquake and all of a sudden all people were feeling it. We checked twitter, news and found that earthquake hits Sumatra, Indonesia. But why we sitting in Delhi felt the tremors. Nobody knows it, maybe it can be psychological.

But the question remains. There is no earthquake in Delhi but still few people felt it. And the real news about earthquake came after 10 minutes that too in Indonesia. Don't you think that these earthquakes are now on the increase? Few months ago only there was earthquake in Delhi. According to this website

This above website gives all the recent earthquake happenings around the world and its information.

Magnitude  2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
8.0 to 9.9  1 1 0 1 2 1
7.0 to 7.9  14 15 13 14 14 10
6.0 to 6.9  146 121 127 140 141 140
5.0 to 5.9  1344 1224 1201 1203 1515 1693
4.0 to 4.9  8008 7991 8541 8462 10888 13917
3.0 to 3.9  4827 6266 7068 7624 7932 9191
2.0 to 2.9  3765 4164 6419 7727 6316 4636
1.0 to 1.9  1026 944 1137 2506 1344 26
0.1 to 0.9  5 1 10 134 103 0
No Magnitude  3120 2807 2938 3608 2939 864
Total  22256 23534 27454 31419 31194 30478
Estimated Deaths 231 21357 1685 33819 228802 88003

Magnitude  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
8.0 to 9.9  2 4 0 1 1 1 0
7.0 to 7.9  9 14 12 16 23 19 4
6.0 to 6.9  142 178 168 144 151 185 30
5.0 to 5.9  1712 2074 1768 1896 2069 2276 485
4.0 to 4.9  12838 12078 12291 6805 10303 13315 2460
3.0 to 3.9  9990 9889 11735 2905 4326 2791 432
2.0 to 2.9  4027 3597 3860 3014 4624 3643 653
1.0 to 1.9  18 42 21 26 39 47 18
0.1 to 0.9  2 2 0 1 0 1 0
No Magnitude  828 1807 1922 17 24 11 4
Total  29568 29685 31777 14825 21560 22289 4086
Estimated Deaths 6605 712 88011 1790 320120 21953 113

Friday, April 6, 2012

Missing my Blog

I was busy last few weeks and therefore couldn't read my friends blog posts and now there are so many that I can see them but could not read. I know I have missed so much of stuff but now will try to be regular. Also there are no posts from my side as well. So will get some time out and write.

Lot of things changed around me during these few weeks and I have to concentrate there and get settled with the change. I have learned many new lessons of life in these few weeks, therefore, I am taking some time to understand them and see what need to be done from my side.

No labels in this post. Actually, I can't think of any as my mind is not responding. Need rest badly. Sigh.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Interesting Bollywood Movie Dialogues

There are some interesting and common Hindi Movie Dialogues which we don't focus while watching the movie but they sound strange when you listen to them in real life.Hope you enjoy them.

1. Boss Maal Pakda Gaya!!
2. Hum Jahaan Khade Hote Hain, Line Wahin Se Shuru Hoti Hai.
3. Bolo Mat, Sunte Raho.
4. Khaaaamosh!!
5. Taarikh Pe Taarikh!!
6. Ye Haath Mujhe De De Thakur.
7. Tumhara Naam Kya Hai Basanti?
8. Adab Se Baat Karo.
9. Aur Kisi Ko Chahiye Promoson?
10. Rishte Mei To Hum Tumhare Baap Lagte Hain.
11. Thehro! Ye Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti!!
12. Kaash Tum Mera Yakeen Kar Sakti!!
13.Kitne Aadmi The?
14. Bhagwaan Ke Liye Inhe Chhod Do.
15. Apne Hathiyaar Phek Do.
16. Mei Tumhare Bacche Ki Maa Ban Ney Waali Hoon!!
17. Mei Tumhara Ehsaan Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bhoolunga/Bhoolungi!!
18. Bataao! Heerey Kahaan Hain?
19. Duniya Ki Koi Taakat Hame Juda Nahi Kar Sakti.
20. Chacha, Bees Saal Se Jo Aag Mere Dil Mei Lagi Hui Hai, Wo Aaj Iska Khoon Peekar Bhujegi!
21. Jug Jug Jiyo Beti/Beta!
22. Mulzim ko Baa izzat bari kiya jata hai.
23. Kanoon par se mera vishvaas uth chuka hain.
24. Mujhe kuch kuch ho raha hain.
25. Maine tumhe kya samjha, Aur tum kya nikley!
26. Koi Dekh Lega / Hato naa, log kya kahengay / Hutiye jee! Aap bade woh hain....
27. Gawaaoon key bayaanat aur sabooto ke madde nazar rakhtey Taz-e-raat-e-hind, dafaa 302 ke tahet, muzrim ko sazaaye maut di jaati hai.

There are many more but right now I can recall only these.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar's Century of Centuries

It was a century that the entire nation was eagerly waiting from Sachin Tendulkar and he didn't disappoint them as he completed a historic 100th international century against Bangladesh at Dhaka today on 16th March 2012 at around 4:45 PM. The last century which he scored was 1 year 5 days ago.

It was a moment when a nation orgasmed. I still remember the moment in my office cafeteria when everybody cheered in their loudest volume despite of meeting going on with consultants in the nearest room. The news channels which were till now showing budget 2012 has switched to Sachin's Century. I will support if 16th March would be called as Sachin Tendulkar Day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Railway Budget 2012 - Expectations

As I am writing this post, Mr. Dinesh Trivedi is presenting the railway budget in the parliament. I am not expecting in terms of number of new trains started, % increase or decrease in railway fares, etc. What I am looking for is the infrastructure, facilities in railway stations, trains, cleanliness, safety, food quality etc. I also don't know the mentality of Indian people. They feel happy when a new train is started from their native state to a metropolitan city. But what about the traveling experience?

I am Ok if you increase the railway fare for passengers, introduce some safety tax, etc. but what about the condition of trains, tracks, railway stations. There is no railway station in India which can match US or European railway stations. Most of our politicians do not use railways, they travel by air and hence we do not see any improvement in the railways.

The IRCTC website is slowest. It takes around 20 minutes to book a ticket and then when you complete all the process, the transaction gets failed. The new Indian Railways website was launched by Ms. Mamta Banerjee but it was taken back only after a week. It was not even properly tested.

Air travel is safer than railways but then poor people in India cannot afford air travel. Food quality in trains is worst. Earlier I use to like train food but now its getting costlier but unhygienic and bad. The taste is so pathetic that it seems we are having boiled salted water.

I am not expecting much relief as far as the fare or new trains is concerned but at least improve some basic infrastructure and facilities for people of India who pay taxes.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Mornings and Good Afternoons

Have you ever left office in between on a working day to go back home or some other place? You will find things around you so different from your daily life at this time. Last week, I took a half day from office to celebrate my birthday with friends. I find the whole life around me so different from my daily routine. People were relaxing in the parks. Delhi Metro is almost empty and people were walking lazily to enter the metro. There is nobody in the metro parking, so many cars stationing in the parking lot.

If you compare this with your daily routine, you will find it difficult to absorb. How can people be so different in their attitude from the morning as compare to this time? Even their behavior is different now. Metro is crowded and people walking very fast on roads, at metro stations. Nobody has time to even talk or think. So many cars on the road, their horns in the loudest volume. But at this time all are relaxed. In the morning the metro coach which was suffocating like anything now giving you fresh air. You can think about new ideas at this time but not in the morning.

I have observed people in their happy moods at this time as compared to morning moods where one must be thinking about office. I mean the whole thing is so different that I wish what I am doing daily is total waste and missing something which these people are enjoying.