Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yahoo's Founder Jerry Yang Resigns

This is not an post about Yahoo's Jerry Yang resignations but a post about a company who has touched almost every person who has used internet in his life. In late 90s and early 2000, one of the most famous and respected website was Yahoo. There is no day when a user does not log into Yahoo website. Hotmail started the email service but Yahoo took this mail service forward with various features. No doubt Jerry Yang created a idea/product which ruled the heart of many at that time and still ruling to some.

Yahoo mail, Yahoo messenger, Yahoo Finance, etc are the products which still has decent share in the internet services market. Truly the company ruled late 90s and early 2000 era. The name itself is so popular "Yahoo". It was instant hit in India as it touches millions of Indians as Yahoo is a slang in India which means a state of mind when somebody is happy.

I don't know why this company is loosing its share mainly because of competitors but I still use its products and services as they are still unique in their features. Many CEOs has been changed recently failed to take this company forward but I think Yahoo is still having fire inside and what it needs is a proper leadership and some creative thinkers in their management. Jerry Yang has created a idea now its turn of others to enrich the experience in Yahoo products and services.

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Nilendu Gupta said...

yes its true we all started to use Yahoo as we started to browse more frequently...
but somewhere google took over and the entire search pardigm was shifted.
Yahoo needs to think anew if it wants to survive the everchanging dynamics of competition