Tuesday, February 7, 2012

General Thoughts in my Mind - A drafted note

This has been in my draft for quite some time now. I think I should post it.

No matter how busy you are, you always have some general thinking going on in your mind. I have listed few of my things which I generally think about.

Office - Yes, I think about office before family.
Appraisal - If you have joined some office, this is certainly occupies your mind most of the time and it has occupied mine as well.
Family - I know I am not giving much time here. What do I think of myself?
Future - Where I will be 2-3 years from now? Though I always think of the long term perspective, but right now I am thinking about next year.
Finance - Ya need to manage my expenses. Lately I have not been able to save much. Also looking out for some investments.
Cricket - Can I concentrate anywhere else? Specially when the team is playing like Bangladesh.


Maggie said...

The same stuff is going through my mind! minus the cricket :)

Varun said...

That means I have a normal brain :) thanks Maggie..