Friday, February 3, 2012

Telecom Licenses Cancelled - Shame on Indian Government

Supreme Court in the historic judgement cancelled more than 100 licenses for mobile phone 2G services issued in 2008. This is utter shame on the part of Indian government who is continuously degrading India's name. This is certainly a blot on the image of the Indian economy. Companies around the world has invested huge amount of money in these companies and now the licenses have been cancelled.

Government is now giving excuses that they have arrested A. Raja in the case who was involved in this and taken the corrective action but he is only a scapegoat in the whole scam. Are we idiots not to understand that government has nothing to do with this. If the government is grilled more they will come up with another excuse that this is a mistake of PMO. Who is responsible for PMO Mr. Manmohan Singh? Are you saying that you are blind and doesn't look into the matters of PMO.

The main issue here is what will happen to Indian economy. These companies will always going to keep away from investing in India. "This is very bad for India's reputation," said Kunal Bajaj, director of the Indian offices of Analysys Mason, a London-based telecom-consulting firm. "These are the companies who have really instigated massive amounts of competition and generated huge amounts of end-consumer benefit."

All the blame is of Indian government who has auctioned 2G services to these companies illegally. And Mr. Prime Minister doesn't have a clue what is happening. Strange! I am now even more sure that congress government is counting its last days in the office.

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