Thursday, March 1, 2012

Celebrating Birthdays

Today is 1st March and now 4 days left when I will celebrate my birthday. But as I plan to celebrate it, a thought came into my mind that why do we celebrate or mark the birthdays of dead people for e.g. Gandhi Jayanti and other famous people birthdays. I know some people are gonna be kinda pissed with me on this, but, it is a thought and I wanted to express it on my blog. After all its the only place where I discuss my internal thoughts.

Why are we counting dead people age when they are already dead. Remembering them on that day is fine but why numbering and celebrating their birthdays. I am absolutely fine with visiting Raj Ghat on Gandhi Jayanti and paying homage to a great man but celebrating and counting the number of years is not an good idea.

I have also seen some people cutting birthday cakes for these people and the birthday cake is written with the number of years that person might have completed if he/she still alive. Suppose someone died when they were aged 60, 20 years ago, would they now be 80, or would they always be 60? I don't understand the system of celebrating and counting the number of years for dead people.

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