Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Mornings and Good Afternoons

Have you ever left office in between on a working day to go back home or some other place? You will find things around you so different from your daily life at this time. Last week, I took a half day from office to celebrate my birthday with friends. I find the whole life around me so different from my daily routine. People were relaxing in the parks. Delhi Metro is almost empty and people were walking lazily to enter the metro. There is nobody in the metro parking, so many cars stationing in the parking lot.

If you compare this with your daily routine, you will find it difficult to absorb. How can people be so different in their attitude from the morning as compare to this time? Even their behavior is different now. Metro is crowded and people walking very fast on roads, at metro stations. Nobody has time to even talk or think. So many cars on the road, their horns in the loudest volume. But at this time all are relaxed. In the morning the metro coach which was suffocating like anything now giving you fresh air. You can think about new ideas at this time but not in the morning.

I have observed people in their happy moods at this time as compared to morning moods where one must be thinking about office. I mean the whole thing is so different that I wish what I am doing daily is total waste and missing something which these people are enjoying.


Maggie said...

True. I once took a half day and drove back from Gurgaon to Delhi and the drive was actually refreshing. quite the opposite of what it is at 9 in the morning ! :)

Varun said...

hmm..this is what i meant Maggie.

Deepak Srivastava said...

This is all about shifts :)