Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Google Google Everywhere

Whenever you are in front of computer and you are looking for some information, What do you do? Google is the solution. Everything we need to know, Google is the place. It has some kind of monopoly in the search engine market. Every engineer wants to be a part of this great company. There are other Google services as well like Gmail, Google+, Gtalk and now Google Drive.

But one thing which came to my mind after the launch of Google Drive that they always lag behind in introducing such services.

Gmail - 1st April 2004
Gtalk - 24th August 2005
Google + - 28th June 2011
Google Drive - 24th April 2012

If you see these launch dates and their competitors, you will find that these services are started later than their competitors. For e.g. Gmail was launched when hotmail and yahoo mail were already there. Gtalk was launched when MSN and yahoo messenger were there. Google+ was launched when facebook was there and now Google Drive is launched when Dropbox was here. There are other examples as well (Android, etc.)

What does this mean? Are they late in recognizing the potential of any service? From these examples, it seems like that only. No doubt their services are very advanced and user friendly but if they would have started these services earlier, their market presence would have been more. The recent example is Google + which is failed to take off as it was planned.


Kamlesh Sharma said...

Just one word for all these questions : SIMPLICITY

surya g said...

A great observation Mr.Varun. I think Google isn't late in realizing the potential of some new feature. I think it is simply waiting for the feedback of the user on the services and it creates a new one without the problem or with advanced features the user wishes for.
For example, G+ was attractive with all its privacy options and nice social networking feature. Had it been a sudden release to the world without a preview or explanation about its features, it would definitely have attracted the expected users. Afterall, having everything under the same roof is useful to the user.
Had G+ been successful, the condition would be like:
Video sharing: YouTube
Mails : GMAIL
Social networking : G+
Sharing your view(Blogging):Blogger
Navigation: Maps
Mobile: Android;Android Play Store.
Photos sharing: Photos/Images.
and what not, you say it google provides it. GOOGLE would be running monopoly over the internet.
Just because, Facebook acknowledged these advanced features and introduced in its own site, users felt hesitant to move else Facebook's story would be another Orkut.
The above story on G+ and Facebook is to say that Google releases its version of existing products not because of delay in expectations but it wants to take it slow but be the BEST.