Monday, May 28, 2012

Still Remember TV Video Games?

There was a huge craze when TV video game was introduced in India in middle of 1990s. Earlier it was limited to video game parlors where kids after school make queues to play their favorite game. After it was available in market for individual buyers, every kid wants to have one. We used to exchange video cassettes/cartridges in the neighborhood. Everybody has their favorite game. Me and my brother has spent many hours playing these games. Can't even imagine how many hours are spent on them. The cassettes which are very popular are 64 in one, 7 in one, 6 in one, 4 in one. Few of my favorite games are:

1. Mario - I still want to complete those 8 rounds.
2. Contra - Both Contra and Super Contra were amazing. Loved that S power.
3. Spartan - Kicking and punching on 4 floors and that flying kick.
4. Batman - This one is with another super hero fighting in a house which have large plates, glasses.
5. Mustafa - Get back to the era of dinosaurs.
6. Baseball - Really wanted to hit those home runs.
7. Turtles - My favorite was Ralph with some amazing powers. Dragons were difficult to beat. Never finished it.
8. Road Fighter - Car race with different speeds. Have to keep a mark on the speed level.

Now a days Playstation, Xbox, Wii has taken their place but those games have their own charm and still stored in my memory.

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