Friday, September 21, 2012

Firstrain Runners

It's going to be a big day for Firstrain runners.....the day Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (30th September 2012)! There is a record 16 of us + 1 mystery runner (can you guess???) who are going to take part in this marathon. We are going to attempt to run 21.097 kms without dying or suffering serious injury. While our level of fitness is MUCH below the professional athletes who are running, we're still very much inspired and enthused to participate in the marathon. Over the last two months, we have been following the news stories, Facebook posts, etc related to a Half Marathon. We are talking to each other about the training, exercises and experiences. Most of the runners have only one question in mind- "Will I be able to complete the race?".    The Firsrain India office official trainer AjaySharma is giving all the valuable tips and preparing us hard by organizing fitness sessions.

Due to the rainy season and not so proper parks or roads that you find in Delhi and Gurgaon, one quickly become frustrated during half marathon training with how hard it is to plan out and run with directions in order to achieve a certain distance. But spirit of Half Marathon pushing us to participate even if we are not fully fit or practiced. In 2011, 3 people from Firstrain participated in half marathon and this time the number has increased to an impressive 17!   Thanks to KD and few others who have really motivated people take part in the marathon.

There are some serious runners among the lot like Sanjay Shankar and Narender Kumar who already dry ran the marathon- hats off to their achievement! There is one mystery runner who is going to surprise us during race day itself. Sorry folks, you will have to wait until 30th September to find out about him/her.  Three of us from previous year will try to improve the timings.

First time runners after completing the race will surely going to enjoy and  cherish the moment when they finish it. This is going to be a big adventure for all the runners. Only 9 days to go before race day! I wish everyone the best of luck, the main thing is to enjoy the race and have fun.

Following people from Firstrain are participating in Half Marathon. Will they able to finish the race in 3 hours? You are welcome to comment. 

1. Vipul Goyal
2. Priyankar Shrivastava
3. Rajiv Arora
4. Rohit Goyal
5. Aparna Gupta
6. Sanjay Shankar
7. Varun Dixit
8. Mohammad Atthar
9. Abhinandan Bora
10.Binay Mohanty
11.Ansuman Mishra
12.Nilendu Gupta
13.Ankush Nagpal
14.Kushagra Deep
15.Gaurav Khera
16.Narender Kumar