Monday, December 17, 2012

I am Nothing!

Once I have gone to my family doctor's clinic for some general cold or fever that I don't remember now. This is about 1 year old incident. As I was telling the doctor my my condition, a small boy came in the clinic alone. He was bleeding from his leg and asked compounder "How much for a bandage". Compounder told him 20 Rupees. By looking at his wound, I knew he was in great pain but his expressions do not look like he is feeling pain. He stood there for a while then left.

I was busy telling my condition to doctor but somehow also looking at this boy. At that time I could not react but after sometime I realized that I could have helped him but did not respond at that time.

After finishing my appointment with the doctor, I rushed out to see if I could find him but he had vanished by then.

Today after almost 1 year, I may have contributed towards various investment schemes or may have given some amount for the deprived and poor but those 20 Rupees are still heavy on my mind. A little delay and hesitation and most importantly, the tendency to weigh the pros and cons while donating keeps us in doldrums.

Here I wish to convey that we spend few hundreds and some times few thousands towards cakes, flowers, candles some wasteful clothes during sale etc. which are of very little use later but when it come to donating such meagre amounts, we take a long time to decide whether it is for the right cause, or the person is genuine or we are not being taken for a ride or even wondering whether he will take it in the tight spirit etc. etc. Yes, cases of cheating are there but do follow your instinct and act fast.

That was the day I realized that we are Nothing if we can not give a thing !

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

School Memories

There are few activities which I think we all have done in our school times. At that time it was considered as quite a big issue. But now when we think about it, we miss those days. Here is the list of few of them:
  • During Diwali, taking "Bijli Bombs" to school and burst them in toilets then run away.H
  • Having empty pockets (without money) but lots of guts.
  • After school, watching Cartoon Network (Swat Cats, The Mask, The Flintstones).
  • Making Aeroplanes of copy pages and throwing them on girls.
  • Throwing chalks on each other and pretending of not doing it.
  • Writing kids' names on the whiteboard as monitor while the teacher was away. Then putting ticks next to repeat offenders.
  • The evergreen and ever used phrase 'pin drop silence'.
  • Distributing chocolates/toffees to the entire class on your birthday and only giving your best friend more than one.
  • Discussing Steve Austin's stunner, Triple H's pedigree and The Rock's people's elbow.
  • Singing National Anthem daily.
  • Playing Cricket with a Paper Ball as ball and Writing Pad as Bat.
  • When keeping your eyes open during prayers was the ultimate offense.
  • Pen fights on the desks.
  • Passing chits to a friend while a lecture is going on.
  • Eating lunch of friends before recess.
  • Copying sheets during exams.
  • Hating those who asks for extra sheet during exams.
  • Sharing jokes in free periods.
  • Asking parents for money to eat "chola kulchas" or "churan".
There are many more which I cannot recall right now.