Monday, September 2, 2013

What if there is no money in the society

I have always been a fan of movies based on post apocalyptic events. Every time I watch such movies, different ideas of resuming humanity/mankind again started hovering my mind. One of them is to completely eliminate the use of money. Though, in current scenario, it seems completely impossible for not using money/item in any transaction. But thinking of it for a while, it seems to be possible to a certain extent. What if people just get what they want without paying anything and there should be no trading of currency or item for it.

The main motivation of people in this kind of scenario should be to just feed his/her hunger rather than collecting assets. What it means is that a person must be getting something to eat/drink whenever he/she feels hungry/thirsty. There should not be any other reason for living. The sole motivation of living is to feed oneself and family. If everybody agrees to do so only then this kind of environment is possible. People will be growing their own food and feeding their family. If they require anything from outside, they will get it for free and they will also provide anybody anything for free. There should not be a feeling of give and take/barter/exchange or returning the favor.

Take a bigger scenario. If you need to go somewhere, it is the responsibility of the government of the country to provide you transport and if that country's  government do not have resources for it then it can ask from another country to help them to build proper transport facilities. It is purely on the basis of sharing the resources rather than paying for it to get the service. These two countries should agree to mutually share their resources. There should not be a criteria of quantity. If resources are available in the country and the country is in the position of providing assistance to another country, it will provide help to that country and should not think of getting similar favor in return.

I know its very hard to implement, it is just an idea. Seems like a weird one but it is just a thought that came to my mind while watching these movies. One can start this between two families, then society and then between countries and then gradually other countries can also join it.