Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nation First or Family First

This is again going to be one of the most controversial/debatable post of mine. Previous one (North Indians Vs South Indians) has been severely criticized by few of the people from online community. Though no hard feelings for them as you cannot hide facts and truth is always bitter. There are chances that people will going to abuse me in the comment section in this post as well but I am ready. I am not taking any side. I am just giving views on both the fronts i.e. Family or Country. This thought is provoked by the incidence of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi who swear on his children that he will not give or take support from any other party. But in the end, he took support of Congress and formed the government in Delhi.

Nothing against Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, but when he swear on his children, it was proved that the most important thing in his life are his children. But he still took support of Congress. So what does this prove? Country is more important to him? May be.

It is expected from a soldier that for him Country comes first. Moreover, its his duty and he is paid for that. Will the same soldier if not paid, will have the same kind of commitment. Doubting a soldier's commitment in itself is very bad and talking about them is easy. We should ask this question to ourselves. I cannot say about me whether I will choose Country over my Family. But yes to some extent, I will. It depends on the situation.

Indians had been on war with Pakistan and China. Our soldiers showed courage and bravery in all the wars. If these soldiers would have chosen Family over War, then there would be no one to fight from India and we would have faced defeat without a fight. Same things applies to soldiers of Pakistan and China. Now, if Pakistanis and Chinese men had taken their families first things would have been great. There had been no war. But since they didn't, I'm glad Indians responded in kind.

My perspective on this is that by being deployed on border, a soldier is not choosing between Family and our country but rather because of his loyalty to Family and wanting to ensure that our family and other families of our country can live in safety, he serves willingly.  Yes, this is a personal decision for each person but it does not have to be a choice between the two if the values of both are the same.

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