Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cement Advertisements can be glamorous too!

Every few days, I am amazed by the creativity these advertisement guys show. This time it is about a Cement. Who would have thought that Cement advertisements can be glamorous too. Couldn't find the agency who gave birth to this idea. Watch it!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Friends Lunch Box

City life is tough in Mornings especially for office goers. Everyday we use to jostle here and there in the morning. Whether you are driving or in a metro you always push yourself to be in a comfortable position. Its been 8 years now I am living this life. Initially I was not used to taking lunch from home but after sometime I realized, its better to take home cooked food. Though its not a big problem to carry a lunch box with you everyday as an additional bag but sometimes you do feel your hands should be free when you are in a Metro especially when you are also carrying a laptop bag.

I started with a Tupperware lunchbox as everyone in office was carrying a branded lunch boxes but it also mean that I have to carry an additional bag which sometimes I feel is bit uncomfortable in Delhi Metro. After few days my Mom brought me a Friends for Life .....! lunch box which I can put in my laptop bag itself. It has a 2 set of Soft Plastic containers which can be used to carry a curry or cooked dry vegetables or Chapatis. My biggest problem it has solved that I can put it in my Laptop bag and now my hands are free. The two containers can be used in microwave as well.