Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CTC- Cost To Country

Many of you still believe CTC is Cost To Company? Think big. Its Cost To Country. I am saying this because I just read the news that Members of Parliament are going to get the 100% hike in their salary. These people will now earn more whereas common man earn less by giving taxes to this inefficient government. According to latest data, each MP's CTC (Cost To Country) is currently Rs. 19 lakhs annually. This is going to be increased to Rs. 25 lakhs with some additional benefits. These politicians are now burden on India. I know prices are rising but what about common man Sir?

We are paying salaries to these politicians who in turn loot us double by increasing the prices everywhere.

In other news Karunanidhi (South Indian Politician) in Tamil Nadu is wasting Rs. 380 crores on some World Classical Tamil conference in Coimbatore. This is also an common man's hard earned money which they are wasting in some meaningless conference.

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