Monday, June 14, 2010

Indian foodie

I have listed down 10 most yummiest snacks from India. I am sure you will be tempted to eat any of them right away.

1 Deep fried crispy pakodas- People love these during monsoons.

Gram flour pasted on vegetables served with ketchup or chutney.

2 Paani Puri or Gol Gappas- Cant resist them, ask ladies.

Puffed bread balls filled with tamarind paste, potato or lentils and spices mixed in water

3 Aloo chaat- This you can find in any local market place.

Spiced potatoes

4 Pav bhaji or Pao bhaji- It is very popular in Mumbai.

Spiced, mashed vegetables eaten with toasted buns

5 Jhal Muri- Its common at bus stations.

Puffed rice mixed with spices

6 Wada Pav or Vada Pav- I have eaten it once at the outskirts of Pune and still love the taste.

Potato cutlet between two slices of bun

7 Samosa- Father of all snacks. No party without them.

Fried triangular shells stuffed with spiced potatoes

8 Aloo Tikkis- Roadside tikkiwaalas knows best how to make them.

Deep fried, stuffed potatoes cutlets

9 Roasted Ground Nuts- Come winters and you will see a packet full of these in every bus or train. But please don't throw them here and there.

Common munchies served in paper cones

10 Chuski or Gola- Ultimate refresher during summers

Crushed ice soaked in flavored syrups

So tell me how's it. Come on lets have it together.


Vasudha said...

Interesting blog Varun.

These are of course few of my favourite things..oopes snacks...Though noticed half of these are potato central! How about some sev puri, Bomaby sandwich, dosa-chutney, masala thumbs-up?

Varun said...

yeah...sev puri, dosas..just love it..