Saturday, April 14, 2012

Priorities of Life

I have been deciding my priorities in life but when I tried to pen down these, I couldn't decide which one comes first and second. There are so many things right now which I need to fulfill, which I desire, which I was long waiting for. And now when I have resources for them, I don't know which one to complete first. Its true that all of these activities are related to money. I cannot complete all of them at one go due to limited money but certainly afford some of them. The real confusion is which one to choose first.

I am sure this must be happening to many people to manage their life, decide priorities, etc and I am sure they must be finding it tough, isn't it? I know about me, I am finding it tough. There are many things/commitments in life which a person gives lot of thought before pursuing any of them. It requires lot of careful planning, time investment. I am going through the similar phase. But talking in general, I am listing down few of the activities (do you call these activities?) which a person always gets confused before attempting them.

Higher Studies or Job
Marriage or Career
Plan a Baby or Give some more time
Foreign Trip or save more money
Rented house or buy a home
Job change or not
Save or Invest

These above are some of the most important and difficult decisions one has to made in his/her life.

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