Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From a Boy to Man

When does time come when people started treating you as a man and not as a boy anymore. Does age matter? Completing 30 years makes you man? or after marriage? Since, I will be completing my 30 years in a month and few days, this question started knocking my mind. Most of us will say that age doesn't matter. You become man when you start handling greater responsibilities, take decisions, etc. I agree to that.

It is that time of your life when you realize that you are alone and you have to deal with the problems yourself. Family is there, but its you who need to take risks and trust your instincts.

We always want to remain as a boy but time will automatically shifts our personality from a boy to a man not because of age but with our traits. You don't realize when you start behaving like a man. So I guess the time has come for me to take few important decisions and handle greater responsibilities. Its only a coincidence that I am completing 30 years at the same time. Whatever I have learned till now, its time to implement that in my life. Though the learning is endless but the basic concepts of life has been learned.